Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's that wonderful time again! Get ready to get your tickets to Eat Drink SF happening from August 20th to August 23rd, 2015.  I've missed it a few years now but will be back in the Bay Area and hope to enjoy the festivities! My favorite event has always been the Grand Tastings from Friday to Sunday as you get to sample a little bit of everything from all the wonderful culinary masters that SF has to offer!

Perfect for any occasion and be sure to bring your appetite! Check out their website for more details on each events and all day events.  Hope to see everyone there!

Event :
Eat Drink SF

Date :
August 20th-23rd, 2015

Location :
San Francisco, CA
Check out their websites for tickets and the event details.

Website :

Sunday, July 26, 2015

I feel that everything that used to be a great deal just get worse and worse.  Outlets and shopping deals only progressively get worse as the trends catch on.  In the past I have gone to many of the Dine LA experiences and the first few years were great, but slowly it got worse and worse.  By chance I was up in LA all last week and decided to give Redbird a try.  Trekkie recommended it as his brother just went and it was literally right outside my hotel, so why not?
They are on Open Table so you can book and get some points as well.  They are located at the corner of Los Angeles Street and 2nd Street.
Their Dine LA lunch menu was $25 for an appetizer and a main course.  To get dessert it would be an additional $5.  I was already planning multiple stops so I didn't stay for dessert.
For the first course I decided to try their Chicken Pot Pie, which normally is $14 on the menu.  Inside was thigh meat, heart, and hen of the woods.  At first glance, it is very cute served in a pot.
The pastry on top was easily moved and you can see what's under.  There is only a crust on top and the bottom seemed very soupy.  At this point I was a little worried because it was so watery below, but I began to break the crust and mix it in.  This thickened the broth inside and gave it more texture.
The flavors were on point.  There was a healthy amount of ingredients inside and is quite filling.  I enjoyed the earthy flavor mixed in with the hen of the woods.
For the main course I chose the Gnoccheti Sardi.  Inside was rock shrimp, tomato confit, and fine herbs.  The gnoccheti was nicely cooked, al dente.  I thought the flavors were good, but I wished there was more shrimp in the dish.  It was disappointing that I bit into a shell while enjoying this dish.  I would have called them over but I was on a time constraint and just continued eating but with caution.  They should have offered some bread to go with the dish so that you can enjoy some of the excess sauce.
All in all the food was good but not mind blowing.  I had to deduct points for biting into the shell (the photo is on my Facebook Fan Page).  The service was friendly.  For Dine LA, it was not a bad deal and conveniently close to the hotel.

114 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012 
(213) 788-1191
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

For those who have not tried sugarcane juice, you are really missing out! Asians love drinking the juice and also the gnaw on the actually sugarcane as a snack.  There are many different types of sugarcane around the world.  I was intrigued to find a Raw Sugarcane Juice stall at the Farmer's Market near the OC Mix.  It was the last stall closest to the entrance to the OC Mix.  They offer many options of adding kale, ginger, kumquat, and more to the drink.
Personally, I love just pure sugarcane juice.  Any other fruit or vegetable you add will change the flavor completely.  If you have never had sugarcane juice, I recommend trying it pure to get a sense of the taste and in the future add other components.  Most Asian places add kumquat to the juice.  They actually have a banner that listed the healthy qualities of drinking sugarcane, which I was very surprised.  Now I can use this as an excuse to continue drinking the super sweet sugarcane juice.  They use pretty good sugarcane as it was refreshingly sweet.  I'd definitely come back to this stand for another drink!

The OC Mix
3313 Hyland Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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