Friday, April 18, 2014

For those in the know, many people come to Brodard for the nem nướng.  It's a very popular Vietnamese restaurant with two locations in Garden Grove.  I have only been to the restaurant that is tucked away in the same plaza behind the 99 cent store.  If you have never been here, go behind the shopping center and you will see a small sign that will lead you the right place.
I have been to Brodard quite a few times and I have to honestly say that I have never really liked their Vietnamese dishes.  There is a plethora of Vietnamese restaurants in this area and I can easily find better places to eat.  The only things that I love at Brodard are the nem nướng, durian macaron, and durian smoothie! Oh man! I cannot get enough of the stinky goodness that is durian.  Yes, I went there.
The durian macarons definitely have the distinct smell and taste of durians.  I don't honestly like the smell of durian but the taste is exotic and flavorful, albeit an acquired taste.  Their macarons are light and chewy.  If you love durian and macarons, it is definitely worth it to come here for a quick grab to satisfy your craving.
Don't forget the full flavored fresh durian smoothie they have.  Be sure that you are with people who love durians when you eat all this because if they don't.... they just might turn around and run away lol.
Brodard does have one of the best nem nướng in town.  I love the crispy bits inside the Vietnamese spring roll.  You can choose to have the grilled pork patty or shrimp paste patty.  I never remember if I like both and order the combo platter.  Their nem nướng is a bit pricier than most outside but the flavor and texture is very good.  They also have a nice hot fish and egg sauce for you to dip in.
Honestly, the pork nem nướng is better but if you haven't had the seafood paste ones then you should try them both out to compare.  After you have some, you can always order more and take some home for later! Although I wouldn't recommend buying too much because you want it fresh when it is still crispy inside to give the spring roll that extra bite!

9892 Westminster Ave 
Garden Grove, CA 92844
(714) 530-1744
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's been a while since I last went to a Cha for Tea.  They use to be located in Garden Grove.  For a while it seemed like a flourishing business but many locations shut down.  This location in Alhambra was packed for a Sunday night! They also offer free wi-fi.
What caught my eye was that they had brick toast.  I was craving for some sweet brick toast lathered with the tasty milk powder.  If they only added more of it on top, it would be good.  They only had a thin layer, which was still tasty but nothing too special.
For drinks, I made the bad choice of the honey milk green tea.  It's been one of my new favorites lately but only from one place as I have learned.  Ms. Lin Guide chose the better drink.  She got the mango green tea.  At first I was very wary because most places don't do a good job mixing the flavors and the drinks often taste like soap.  I must say the mango was very sweet and flavorful.  So here is the trick that they do not tell you, you can get refills for only $1.99.  Do you know where that information was found?  In the bathroom! Talk about keeping it secret! lol
They had a few Taiwanese snacks.  The sausage was not bad and tasted like it was from Sinbala, which could be very likely in these neck of the woods.  Their popcorn chicken was fairly priced and the portion was not bad.  Not sure why they offer a sweet and sour sauce and for a fee.  The chicken itself usually has enough flavor and nothing else is needed.
All in all it was a good place to hang out with friends.  It is quite cramped on Sunday as every table was taken inside and outside.  They made a big mistake with our bill and had to explain to them.  For four people, they brought us a bill of almost $100! DANG! What did we drink and snack on??  Be careful with their bill as the refills were entered as a full order plus the refill charge.  They had a ton of employees for a small place.  At least they were all very friendly.  I'd definitely come back for the mango green tea.

Cha for Tea
2 E Main Street Suite 2
Alhambra, CA 91801
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The How I Met Your Mother series finale was very disappointing for me.  I didn't start watching this show until later on.  What really made me like the show was the "Ten Dates" episode and what really sealed the deal for me were the "Slap Bets".  Then the show was syndicated and I could start from the beginning.
I thought the first few seasons were all great and there were so many elements that brought the show together.  For those who are fans, what are your thoughts on the finale?  I thought it was very predictable and sort of ruined the show for me.  As a series finale it was definitely not a good one.  They should have ended after he met the mother.  **SPOILER ALERT**  I would have been okay with the show ending knowing that she passed away but to basically go back and put Ted & Robin together was just lame! Personally, I feel that it is wrong on so many levels! If Robin didn't marry Barney, I'd be more okay with them ending up together but all they do is throw Robin back and forth.  Goodness gracious, have some respect woman! 
The ending stunk and almost ruined the series.  I must say that Friends was a much better series and the writers did a great job tying up everything.  There were so many better ways to end the HIMYM series.  I will take the lesson I learned from Joey in Friends.  When a book or a series starts heading toward a bad direction, just put it in the freezer to stop it.  I will pretend I didn't see the last few seasons as it has been going way downhill.  Honestly, I am glad that the HIMYM series is over.  I just wished it ended on a high note.  The last few episodes were more redeeming but overall this season has been horrendous.
PS. I still love Barney O=D 

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