Friday, August 12, 2016

Many people have been anticipating the Hello Kitty Cafe opening at Irvine Spectrum.  It's literally just a container with a few tables and some sweet treats plus drinks.  Beware : They tend to run out of items quite quickly and the lines can be long.  I even went about 1 hr after they opened and a bunch of items were already out.  My pal really wanted the Birthday Cake and it was sold out.  I wanted the Macarons and of course they were gone too.
Nonetheless there were still other items that I had not tried and decided to do a photo op.  =D  They had the simple Sugar Cookie Bow and Hello Kitty Pop Tart.  I wished they had the other cookie that was Hello Kitty's face, but the bow looked great in selfies around the station. =D  The whole point of coming here is for a trip down memory lane plus photo op!
They have a very limited menu that consists mostly of sweet pastries, coffee, lemonades, and teas.  Even the bags that they give are super cute.  The coffee are nice and strong in flavor.  I have yet to have the teas but they look good too.  So far I have had the Apple Pie with a cute Hello Kitty cutout on top that was not too bad.  Do not order the Strawberry Puff Pastry, there is no Hello Kitty anything on it and it was very bleh! Big mistake =*( The pop tart is decently priced, cute, and actually tastes pretty good.  They only had the mixed berry when we went and it was a good mix of sweet berries encased in a soft pastry shell.
Let's be honest, with the Hello Kitty name on top it is not a surprise that everything here is overpriced.  You are really paying for the cuteness and not for the taste.  That being said... I have been twice and still think it is cute.  One day I will get the two items we went there for.  Purely on the cuteness, I am definitely willing to go back.  If you are not a Hello Kitty/Sanrio fan... then this place is definitely not for you.

Hello Kitty Cafe
670 Spectrum Center Dr.
Irvine, CA 92618

Monday, August 1, 2016

The photos for Zero Degrees really caught my eyes.  Since Ms. Lin Guide and I was in Rowland Heights for a meal, I had to stop by.  The craze now is to have glass bottles to take home and to reuse if you like.  Recently I bought my own cold press/slow juicer, these bottles really come in handy at home when I am juicing watermelons.  The only gimmick is that the glass bottles hold less liquid compared to their plastic cups, which I thought was a jip for the price you pay...
Hence I bought one bottle and one plastic cup O=D.  One souvenir bottle for each was enough.  They offer a very small menu to choose from with some interesting concoctions.  I decided to try the Matchata (Matcha + Horchata) and Strawberry Mojito.  Don't worry there's no alcohol and for those who wish they served alcohol, sorry!
The Matchata was interesting in taste as you can taste the matcha powder with a strong sweet horchata flavor fighting to be the strongest flavor.  If you like sweet milky drinks, then this is the drink for you.
I had high hopes for the Strawberry Mojito ever since TP's wedding.  The one at Zero Degrees was a little too sour and underflavored for my taste.  I want the strawberry flavor to really pop with the mint.  Their versions was really soda watery and sour... pass!

The best reason to go is to take the beautiful photos! I really loved the wings painted on the wall but it was really hard to take photos because there isn't much space between tables and the wall.  The place was packed and I didn't want to invade other people's space to take my photos.  Hopefully, you, can still enjoy the ones I took.  =D Cheers!

Zero Degrees
17575 Colima Rd
City of Industry, CA 91748
(626) 810-1714

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My BFF highly raved about the Burger Lounge in San Diego and how her family adores the burgers made with grass-fed beef.  They have expanded and opened up shop in Irvine now.  She said that grass-fed beef would have a different taste and that it is an acquired taste.  I decided to get the Husky Burger with double grass-fed beef, double organic American cheese, pickles, fresh onion, lettuce, tomato, and house-made 1000 island sauce.  For me, I asked for the pickles on the side and for the beef to be medium rare.  I liked that I can choose how well done my beef is cooked because I like it more rare and tender.  The person taking my order did not ask me what type of cheese, but they have two kinds to choose from.  I had to do the Bacon Please! add on.  
All in all the burger was nicely presented and the bacon was bursting out.  The service was very friendly as you seat yourself and they came by often to check on you to see if there was anything else we needed.  As for the burger, I was a little bit let down.  Mine was oozing juice onto the only napkin provided and it was a bit greasy.  I am not the type to get my hands dirty so it irked me a little.  The flavor fell a little flat for me.  The fresh onions over powered the whole taste for me.  I only remember the taste of the bacon and onions.  It's a nice place, but I will unlikely come back any time soon.

Burger Lounge
8553 Irvine Center Dr. 
Irvine, CA 92618 
(949) 450-0440

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