Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Who doesn't love a drink that just brings a smile to your face?  As many are starting to find Love To Go for 3D Latte Art, the prices and popularity have gone up! Sometimes I like to keep places a secret so I can quietly enjoy the goods myself.  O=)
I found this place a long time ago but never had the time to edit the millions of photos that I took as it was so much fun playing with your drink.
They not only offer 3D Latte Art, they have cute little Marshmallow Minions! If you check in on Facebook or on Yelp, you can get a free minion.  Even though they are only $1.50 each, free is free.  =)
I thought the first minion I had, was the best on my first visit.  The most recent visit was cute but it feels different.  
Maybe it was because you always remember your first, but I felt like the marshmallow I had back then had more substance and character.  Versus now, I feel like it is just a simple marshmallow with chocolate syrup drawn on.
On my first visit, I decided to try the chocolate covered waffles.  They have a variety to choose from and they all looked very delectable.
The waffle was crisp and had a nice bite.  They have just the right amount of chocolate coating.  The taste was light and could be dangerous as you may not realize how much you have eaten until it is too late. lol
For my first 3D Latte Art, I chose a bear and a kitty.  For the drink, we chose the Matcha Latte and Espresso Latte.
The matcha was definitely more flavorful.  I thought the espresso was a little lacking and definitely needed more sugar for me.  
As for the matcha, it was a little bit sweeter.  You can taste the sweetness more as the drink cools down, which should not be a problem because we took our sweet time taking thousands of photos!
Many people have no discovered this place and I feel like they have had more practice with the 3D artwork and it is getting cuter and cuter.
When I first went, they did a good job too but I feel like the animals are shaped more precisely and have a cuter expression.  It could also be who was making it of course.  On my most recent trip we got a bear, dog, and pig.  They were all super cute! Even though my dog was deflating, they were all very adorable.  =)
If you look at my photos of the interior, you will see that no one was there and we had the whole place to ourselves.  This really worked in our favor so that we can freely look like dorks and take our photos with our super cute drinks and snacks.
Besides the lattes, we decided to try their Signature Italian Soda with Yogurt and Fruit.  They recommended the pineapple flavor.
To be honest, I didn't like the taste of this drink.  It sounded like an interesting combination but it didn't come together for me.  Maybe it is the tangy flavor of the pineapple that didn't go well with the yogurt.
It could just be me, but I wouldn't be inclined to get the Italian soda again.  I'd definitely stick to the 3D art for fun.  The staff here are very sweet.  It is a very small and cozy place.  They have a section for live music but I have not seen anyone play there just yet.  I would say that people can come here and have the place all to themselves, but as I have seen recently the secret is out and the whole place was packed when we went.  Due to its rising popularity, the prices have gone up a lot too.  When I went in September last year, the 3D Latte Art was only $4 but now it is around $6 plus tax.  The drinks are just so-so but the drinks are undeniably cute =).
Love To Go
307 S Mission Dr
San Gabriel, CA 91776  
(626) 264-8195


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