Friday, July 19, 2013

Where can you go after a nice meal to top off the night?  Tea4two and I always look for some place for dessert to chat and enjoy the good eats.
After some research online, we found Confetti Italian Ice & Custard nearby for us to try out.  The staff was very friendly and helped us sample everything that we were interested in.  I tried a bunch of their fruity ices, but I was looking for something creamy.
You can sample the custards as well.  Originally I was going to go for something fruity but after trying the French Coffee, I had to go for the heavier stuff.  There's tons of different combos and flavors that you can create/combine.
I decided to have the Peanut Butter ice with French Coffee and NY Cheesecake custard.  The lady decided to do a layer of PB ice, then NY cheesecake custard, then a layer of PB ice, and topped off with French coffee custard.  I liked how they intertwined the flavors to get a good mix of everything.  The only thing was that mine melted really fast and it was a battle to eat it all before it dripped onto the table.
Tea4two went for a nice fruity and tart combo.  She had the Watermelon and Lemon Zest ice with Vanilla custard.  This was very refreshing and light.  Definitely great on a warm summers night to cool down.
At the end of the night Tea4two wanted to bring some home for her family and I found an online check-in deal.  So be sure to check in on Yelp or Four Square for the deal.  One of them offers 5% and it was good that I ended up checking in so that she can utilize the deal.  =)

Confetti Italian Ice & Custard
1175 Baker St
Ste E-22
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 545-1175
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