Thursday, March 29, 2012

It was a hot day to be in Temecula. Ms. Lin and I have never been to Temecula before, but we ventured down for the World of Wine Event to go wine tasting. Might not have been the best idea on a blistering hot day and filling ourselves with only alcohol. So after we finally finished the wine tasting, we began to hunt down places to visit and cool ourselves down. The first place we went to was 7 Eleven for a slurpee to cool down.
Vallée d'Brume was the first place to pop up for our search on finding a new dessert place to snack on. The internet directions led us to nowhere and it took us a long time to find this place. It is near the mall and across from a pet store. The space is very cozy and could be a great place to lounge and kick back.
From the reviews online, I thought that they would have more breakfast food but maybe because it was the end of the day that there were only some dessert choices left in the case. I wish we got to see a savory menu, but I did take the chance to try some sweets. They also have a nice selection of tea and they were selling a tasty sounding yuzu tea, but too bad they only sold it in a box and not as a drink there.
I don't know why or how but when I saw this bread, I knew right away that it was Monkey Bread. There are no labels and it's not like I have really had monkey bread before but I knew in my foodie gut that this is monkey bread! lol Ms. Lin was wondering how I knew but I just did. The bread looked tasty as it glistened against the fluorescent light. You know that it must be one tasty and sticky bread if it was shiny! =) I just had to have it. It's like a cinnamon bun rolled funkily together to form bread. It was missing the heavy dose of frosting, but still good. Be sure to toast it to get that extra chewy texture.
They had some tasty Fruit Tarts in the case. I thought it was very tasty and really enjoyed the almond cake center. At first I thought Ms. Lin might not like it because it had a strong almond flavor and she normally dislikes that taste, but it really complemented the tart and she enjoyed it too. Fresh fruits on top a creamy almond cake that's encases with a crisp tart, sounds good to me!
I also wanted to try one of their cookies and decided to go with the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie. The nuts were chopped and embedded in the batter. I thought the taste was fine but with the nuts chopped and mixed in you lose some of the nutty flavor and texture. It was not a bad cookie but not anything special.
Since I was here, I wanted to try one of their drinks and asked what they recommend. I ended up getting a hot Mocha. This was not quite what I had hoped for. It wasn't quite what I was looking for and more watery than I liked. I would stick with the baked goods.

All in all it was a solid place. I would have liked to try some of their savory dishes like their quiche. The tart was tasty and the monkey bread was fun, but since I live very very far away I wouldn't say it is worth me driving so far to pick up as a treat. Of course if I was here while I went wine tasting, then maybe.

Vallée d' Brume

41413 Margarita Rd # K101
Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 491-0930


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