Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ah how I miss Parisian gourmet food. There are many secrets hidden away at Lafayette Gourmet. It is not just another place to shop for clothing, cosmetics, and more. In fact, many people might have just walked by without realizing that they have a huge department just dedicated to food!
One of Ms. Lin and my favorite places for macarons is Sadaharu Aoki. It's the perfect blend of of refined Japanese flavors mixed into a Parisian delicacy. I know there are so many wonderful places to get macarons when you are in Paris but this place just holds a special place in my heart. It was the first time that I encountered so many wondrous flavors.
Four years ago when I came to Paris for the first time, I was still embracing the joys of gastronomy. Many things were changing for me and the world I once knew was blown away with the marvels of a new world. I am sure that every time I go to Paris, I will be making a special trip to Sadaharu Aoki to satisfy the craving within. How can I not return to a magical place that carries Yuzu and Black Sesame? They even have Wasabi, Ume, Jasmine, Genmacha, and more!
Each bite is a burst of flavor. There's many levels of flavor and texture. The outer layer is crisp yet delicate. Whilst the inside is moist and has just the right chewiness. Every piece is carefully crafted to perfection. They also have a wide variety of pastries and chocolates that they offer. There is always a new surprise to pick up along with the delicious macarons.Sadaharu Aoki has now spread to Taiwan and opened their first store. Hopefully they will make their way to America sometime soon! =)
Sadaharu Aoki Paris Patisserie
Lafayette Gourmet
40 Boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris

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