Monday, September 26, 2011

So glad to see two of my favorite people tonight! Inspired by Eating My Way Through OC, he has list a flame under me to start writing more. Since he is such a loyal reader and a great person, I will "try" to right more =). What better way than to continue with the CheeseBall Wagon Food Truck that was at the Port O'Call / San Pedro Lobster Festival! I love that so many trucks are starting to gather here. At first I thought that the food was up-charged their food but now that I look at their menu, it seems that this was not the case. Besides their most famous dish, everything else was around $2.50 - $5.50. I kind of wish I paid more attention and ordered some of their other dishes to try!
What really caught our eye was their World Famous Cheddar Cheeseballs! How can you ever go wrong with breaded and deep fried cheddar cheese nuggets served with creamy ranch dressing? **drool drool** Well, they kind of dropped the ball a little in my opinion. First off, $7 for this... is a bit pricey for what you get. They do use real cheese that's dipped in battered and fried. I just wish they were more consistent and size. Some were fried to perfection and some were still a whole chunk of cheese amidst the crunchy batter. I liked the smaller pieces where the cheese was more melted and gooey.
Their ranch was very thick and creamy. It's definitely a bit more zesty than the ranch you find at most restaurant, which is nice. Still, I can't see why this appetizer would be so pricey. I can probably make something very similar at home at half the cost and twice the size! Maybe I should have given the sliders or hot dogs a try. Overall not bad but the cheeseballs were too pricey for my liking. Add $5 and I can get lobster? If you think about it in that sense... well I'd always take meat or seafood! Even though I do looooove fried cheese! lol
Despite everything, I think this is a cool and fun truck. The design and decor was super cute and inviting. I found the staff friendly and passionate. They are definitely worth another try, but I'd skip the cheeseballs the next time around.


lynn said...

ha ha - those look epic!

OCEater said...

I am glad I lit a fire under you. Now don't let it go out!

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