Sunday, August 28, 2011

What must you do while you are in Europe and especially in Italy? Well beside the tasty gelatos, you must take some time to grab a piping hot cup of espresso! As we were cruising down the busy streets of Corso Buenos Aires in Milan, Italy we happened to pass by Torrefazione Il Caffè Ambrosiano. They had an eye catching outer display that was beckoning me to stop in for a drink. The first time around we didn't stop off to do anything, but I couldn't resist on the way back.
If I weren't in such a rush, I would take my time in this beautiful and classic store. There were tons of jars full of candy that were so enticing. I loved the motif and elegance that permeated through the air.
How you enjoy espresso in Europe is very different from the Starbucks or Coffee Beans we see in the US. Most people who come in just relax and sip their espressos at the counter. There aren't any chairs inside for you. It's really a stop and go place to get your caffeine fix.
For those who enjoy people watching, you can take your drinks outside on the street and slowly enjoy your drink as you watch the bustle of Corso Buenos Aires. After all, people watching is a huge hobby in Europe. You need to enjoy life and moments like these.
The first picture above is espresso feel while drinking at the counter and here is when you take your drink outside. Even the pictures have a different feel. I feel the antiquated elegance of being inside the establishment while you enjoy the espresso, but when you take it outside you feel the modern world seeping in.
Of course with all the candy laying around, I had to pick up a piece to try. Be sure to eat it after the espresso to offset the bitter and sourness of the beans. Ironically, I think this was more than a cup of espresso! How much was the espresso, 1 euro! Got to love Europe and the fun of sipping a bitter aromatic cup of espresso. Drink up and enjoy!
Torrefazione Il Caffè Ambrosiano
Corso Buenos Aires, 20
Milan, Italy

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