Friday, February 25, 2011

I can't deny the chance to try out Hog Island Oyster Co. in Napa! As many of you know, I love the one in the Ferry Building in SF. The best part is that there isn't a long wait, so definitely a plus. If only we were up there for Happy Hour. That day we got one of my favorite shots with the help of Ms. Lin to capture the essence of the crab and where we are dining.
We couldn't turn down the great deal on Fresh Bolinas Dungeness Crab Roasted with Garlic and Chili, a whole one for only $20! Slowly we took apart the crab piece by piece and savored the delicious flavor infused in. The crab was finger lickin' good! I almost wished we each had our own, but the amount of peeling we had to do really made me think otherwise. FYI, I offered extra money if they would peel the crab for me... sadly they do not provide such services =P Can't blame a girl for trying. C'est la vie. If you really want to eat it, then you will have to go through the trouble! Believe me, the flavor was definitely worth it. I was quite nicely surprised at how flavorful and succulent it was. One sad thing about the crab is they clean the body thoroughly, which means if you love the reproductive area and brains then you are out of luck here.
Let's not forget the complimentary bread that you nosh on while everything is being prepared! While we were waiting for everything to be cooked, I munched on the crisp yet nicely chewy bread that reminded me of the Acme Bread Co. I pondered about where they get their bread from and if Acme Bread Co. actually ships their product to Napa for others to enjoy. They actually use the bread from a local bakery, Model Bakery. Thumbs up to their tasty bread! It earned them a visit and review.
The special sandwich they had was an Oyster Po' Boy with Beer-Battered Sweetwaters on an ABC Potato Bun with Bacon Remoulade Slaw. Big succulent oysters fried that are nicely battered and fried to perfection. I enjoyed the savory combination of flavorful oysters topped off with a tangy slaw and calmed by a potato bun. The most difficult part was trying to fit that honker in my mouth. A refreshing change to the same old routine that we have for Hog Island Oyster Co.
Of course no meal would be complete without our favorite item on their menu, the Grilled Cheese Sandwich. There was a time long long long ago where I seriously questioned Ms. Lin on how a grilled cheese sandwich would be worth $12!?!?! Well I have been a believer ever since my first bite! It's the perfect mixture of Cowgirl Creamery's Cave-Aged Gruyere, Mezzo Secco, and Fromage Blanc nicely pressed on a panini grill. The best is when the cheese oozes out and becomes a delectable cheese crisp to give the whole sandwich a spectacular bite! **drool drool**
Needless to say, I am still a huge fan of Hog Island Oyster Co. and they proved their worth to me once again. I left them with a big smile on my face, a great memory, and a wonderful picture!
Hog Island Oyster Co.
610 1st St
Napa, CA 94559
(707) 251-8113
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