Saturday, January 22, 2011

So where is the Dogpatch? As it turns out not that far away! It's very close to SOMA and in this area you will find Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous to fulfill your ice cream needs. The staff here was super friendly and very welcoming. I enjoyed the classic design where you can sit and enjoy your ice cream by yourself, with a friend, or even make some friends at the table! Pour yourself a cup of water from the clean milk bottles. I enjoy the environmentally consciousness of the store.
Now onto the delicious treats! I have been ill for a while and ice cream is probably the last thing a doctor ordered, but neither rain nor sleet would stop me from trying Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous Ice Cream! As soon as you step up to the counter, you can't help but notice the assortment of treats available.
Ms. Lin and I just couldn't help myself and grabbed the last Vanilla Caramel with Sea Salt. The size was pretty good $1 and we enjoyed it. I only wish there were more there for me to grab and hoard. We are super big fans of finely crafted caramel with little bits of sea salt to enhance the buttery flavor and sweetness of the caramel. They are definitely worth checking out!
Of course don't forget the other side of the table! There were cookies and cake. I can't resist the notion of Peanut Brittle and Brown Sugar as a cookie. The secret is to put it in the microwave for 15 seconds or more depending on the size of the cookie to have soften and hot, which is more like a fresh cookie from the oven. Word to the wise though on this cookie, it has brittle so don't use a napkin because you will loose some of that gooey sweetness.
Feel free to ask for a taste of their different ice creams. I went towards the end of the day so a lot of flavors were out but some were put back on the list later. It's probably smarter to go early so you can get the opportunity for all the flavors!
One of their most well known flavors is Burnt Sugar and the main reason I had to stop by. As many people know, I simply adore Bi-Rite's Salted Caramel so Burnt Sugar should be right up the same alley! We both enjoyed the texture of the ice cream and hints of burnt sugar. If you want a heavier, creamier, and sweeter ice cream then Bi-Rite would be right up your alley but if you want a lighter but still flavorful ice cream then Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous is the place for you.
Both Ms. Lin and I enjoyed the Chicory Coffee for its strong delectable coffee flavor. Scoop please! They are very generous in their scoops and all for a great price! $3.75 for 1-2 scoops and $4.75 for 2-3 scoops. Even though I was having a bad cough, I couldn't forgo paying $1 more for an extra scoop! Bring on the Egg Nog! It's Christmas all over again. O=)
They make their waffle cones fresh and on-site. It was really interesting see them roll a fresh cone up. I was hoping it tasted like the ones at Ici but it wasn't nearly as good. Don't know if it was an off day but the cones that day tasted a little salty. Maybe it is their way of adding a little savory to bring out the sweetness of the ice cream? For me, I might give the cone one more chance but it's not anything I'd crave. Still, everyone there is so sweet and enjoyable to talk to... I'd give them many tries. O=)
The parking around this area doesn't seem very hard so definitely a plus! It is also very close to SOMA so it is convenient to drop by to satisfy my sweet fix.

Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous
699 22nd St
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 970-0750
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