Sunday, January 2, 2011

My friend had been raving about Masala Bowl and I had to try them out for myself. She said they make all their dishes fresh when you order. So keep in mind that there might be a little wait or if you are there for pick up to just call ahead. The people there are pretty friendly but I have to say... they are not the most competent. I have called in orders TWICE and both times there have been snafus! >_<# The first time they forgot an item in my order but luckily I check and told them. They were apologetic and gave me my missing item. Recently I ordered take out again and had someone else pick up the order. When she got back we had another mix up where they forgot one of the drinks, which happened to be mine! =*( I was very sad being Mango Lassi-less! At least the first time I got my Mango Lassi because I was the one who picked up the order. I think it was the owner or manager who was pretty nice and held open the door for me as I took out my drinks. It's a good sized drink and smoothly blended. You can substitute the drink for a $1 more on the combos, which is a nice treat.
On their menu they offer Samosa Bites that are mini versions of samosas filled with seasoned potatoes and peas. I haven't had their original samosas to tell you if they are different but the bites were wrapped in egg roll skins and fried. It was crispy and flavorful. Personally I love eating fried egg rolls but I do love the normal crispy skin on regular samosas. The good thing is you have a choice here depending on what you feel that day.
I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala combo made with a creamy tomato sauce and dry fenugreek leaves. My favorite thing to do with the sauce is dipping my Naan in there. The sauce is creamy and savory, which goes great with most carbs. If you order the combo, you get their regular naan and a fountain drink or you can do what I did by paying $1 more to substitute the mango lassi. In the dish they use chicken breast meat that were still tender and well seasoned. You can choose different meats, but I always like chicken with this sauce.
All in all the food was solid but I am a little perturbed that if I am not careful my order comes out wrong and I am not willing to drive back to pick up any items they left off. Will I be giving them another chance? Sure, but they are walking on thin ice if they keep messing up my orders. Originally if I wrote this review before my second order, it might have been a better review. Let's hope the third time is the charm.

Masala Bowl
14311 Newport Ave
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 505-2695
Masala Bowl Indian Cafe on Urbanspoon


Griffin said...

This place used to be awesome......years ago. It used to be one of my favorite place to eat. They SUCK now though. I do not go there at all anymore.... Food quality and portion size has gone way down and prices have gone up. It's no wonder their Irvine location went under recently.

Kat said...

Yah I saw your review on Urbanspoon. I went recently and since someone else talked it up so much, I was expecting more. It was okay, not bad for "fast food" but not anything I would ever crave. It's really hard to find a great Indian restaurant or fast food in OC I feel like =*(

Unknown said...

You should try Clay Oven in Irvine. Kinda pricey, but the quality of their dishes make it worth it.

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