Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Newly opened Caffe Pascucci is located across AT&T Park, home of the SF Giants who just won the World Series. It's close and convenient especially for anyone attending the games. They offer free wi-fi for customers to sit back and relax on their computer. I love the clean and elegant decor. As you open the door and walk in, you feel like you have stepped back into Italy. The vibe is really relaxing yet posh.
They offer some desserts and pastries to enjoy with your custom designed coffee. At Caffe Pascucci they supposedly serve a rare Italian coffee. Their menu is nicely done with great photos of each drink. They all looked so pretty that it made it hard for me to decide. Then came the descriptions of each drink... so much information to process but in a good way.
For my inaugural cup I chose the Gianduio. They smear Nutella around the cup and fill it with cappuccino, Gianduio whipped cream, and topped off with chopped hazelnut. I enjoyed the bits of Nutella intermixed with the coffee. Anything tastes better with Nutella. As for the drink, it was just alright. The drink looks and sounds very nice but it wasn't anything I'd ever crave or all that memorable.
PK was being very adventurous and decided to try the Ciaobello Pistachio made from their classic cappuccino with pistachio cream that's topped off with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. The drink was very light and you couldn't taste as much of the strong coffee flavor. I was not a big fan but PK liked it and that is all that matters.
Apparently the trick here is to tip. Ms. Lin gave a small tip and the better barrista made the drink and it definitely looked better like the photos on the menu. She chose the other drink I was looking at, the Caffe Confuso Caramel. It's made with their gold espresso with their original confuso cream, caramel, and topped off with amaretto biscuits. The drink was sweet and flavorful. Now this was more like it. I'd come back for this to enjoy on a cold day to sip and people watch through the windows as if I was back in Europe.
All in all it is a cute new addition to the area. I enjoy that on most any given day the owner is sitting in the corner enjoying the day. Yes, it is Italian owned and it is great to see them enjoy their own product. It's local and a good place to just hang out with friends and relax, so I will definitely be back.

Caffe Pascucci
170 King St
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 957-1100


Cliff said...

The Cafe Confuso Caramelo looks so good...

Kat said...

It was really good, but warning... it will be gone in a few sips, but those few sips... yum! =D

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