Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sure Poke Express is not close to the strip, but it's worth the drive. It is much better than Hawaiian Poke Express IMHO. After the previous experience at HPE, I was very cautious about over buying and spoke up to ask if I could try some stuff before purchase. The items here were nicely displayed in the case with prices and they kindly agreed to let us sample. It seems like a Mom and Pop small chain and they kept giving us more stuff to try that we were very happy with the friendly service AND good food! I was pleasantly surprised how tasty and flavorful their poke was. Now that is what I'm talking about.The Ahi Poke with Limu was super flavorful and fresh. I enjoyed the crisp bite of limu (Hawaiian for algae/seaweed) that was only enhanced by the savory flavor explosion. I also like that their fish pieces were cut slightly smaller and thinner allowing the seasoning to soak in.
After I introduced Wasabi Octopus to Ms. Lin at izakayas, it is one of her favorite things to get because it is always cheap and tasty! The combination of wasabi brings out the sultry sweet flavor that emanates from the savory marinade. I love the delicate texture of octopus on the outside and a nice chewy texture when you bite in!
We got the Wasabi Ahi Poke as well because it was very flavorful. I feel like there were bits of fish eggs embedded into the poke, which adds that extra layer of texture. Each time you bite into them it is a burst of flavor. Accompanied with this is a small container of soy sauce to match the sweetness from wasabi.
Here they also offer a Kimchi Octopus that had a nice kick. A little more saltier than the wasabi octopus but good in its own way. They differ in their spicy flavor where wasabi has a horseradish kick. Regardless, they were both tasty and enjoyable.
This was the Shibazuke, pickled cucumber, that Ms. Lin wanted because she likes it. Pickled veggies... eww... definitely not for me. Ironically she never ate them!
All in all I really liked this place and enjoyed all the poke they offered. To top it off they were so friendly and welcoming that left a great impression. They were well worth the long drive off our destination to pick up. Too bad we didn't go earlier, but we had fun eating everything we bought for the ride home! Definitely worth checking out Poke Express if you have a car and are in Vegas! =)

Poke Express

655 W. Craig Rd. Suite 118
North Las Vegas, NV 89032
(702) 639-0500
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Anonymous said...

I agree! Love this place - I am totally addicted to the Ocean Salad and the spicy ahi.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this place from my sister and went to check it out about a year ago and it was great...everything and then some, no complaints. Then I went back a few months later and they must have had a new guy in the kitchen because the poke pieces were cut up so small it was hard to eat...had to try and get two or three pieces at a time in the chopstick..looks like they corrected that problem by the looks of the picture. Im searching for a good poke place on line....maybe I'll go back there tomorrow.

Kat said...

Ooooh I am so envious that you guys live nearby to get this delicious treat! I might be going to Vegas next week and I want to go back for some delicious eats! ^_-

I wish we had something like this in So Cal. So tasty, fresh, and cheap!

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