Friday, December 31, 2010

It's sad to see Chris' n Pitt's go! They have been in this location for so long but they sing their last swan song tonight as they have lost their lease. Sure, it might not be the best food in the world but you can't beat the prices and portions! They are a solid comfort food place. If you are feeling down and out, and need a greasy big meal to soothe the soul or fill the void then Chris' n Pitt's would be the place for you. It is like Cheers in real life but with food!
There were soooooo many people out in full force to show their support and get their last yabba dabba doo meal. Funny thing is, don't they there are still other locations available? Sure, they might not taste the same and the Anaheim location is a classic spot but at least there are still other options. Nonetheless I am sad to hear that this location will be closing, so I had to make my way out there for my LAST Chicken Fried Steak at Chris' n Pitt's.
By 6PM there was over an hour and a half wait just to get seated. Somehow my friends were smart and scored some bar seats where we had an up close view of the kitchen. There's only 4 hardworking men manning the kitchen back there! Can you see how big the plates of food are there? The guy's head is only half of the plate! lol I don't want to leave out our lovely server! Mary was a great source of entertainment and bless her for working through the madness!
Even the water cups here are monstrous. You can't use one hand to even grip more than half the cup! I am glad they use those same cups for the monstrous shakes! =) Sometimes I wish they gave a monstrous straw to go with the shake. They are thick and rich. I dread the thought of how many calories are in each of them.
To start off the night we got the Onion Flower. Oily fried goodness! Goes best with some Ranch sauce. Luckily we had some "salad" with our dish to balance out the greasiness and the best part is the extra Ranch sauce that I used for dipping. You always need to the token salad to ease the guilt of a big heavy meal. =) At least that is what I am saying and I am sticking with that story.
Last but definitely not least is their Chicken Fried Steak. The ginormous and thick cut of pound ground meat that is battered and fried comes drenched in their house gravy... mmmm. I think my heart just stopped but I took a bite of the Mashed Potatoes with Gravy to jump start it again! =) It's been a while since I last had this dish but the gravy really stood out for me that night. The gravy was full of flavor and tasty.
So sad to see this place go but there is hope that they still have two other locations nearby. Alas there is no guarantee that they taste the same but at least you can satisfy your craving if you are willing to drive a bit further. Good-bye Chris' n Pitt's in Anaheim. Many people have been neglecting you but when they found out that you were leaving them, they really came out in full force to support you!
Chris' & Pitt's
601 N Euclid St
Anaheim, CA 92801
(714) 635-2601
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