Monday, November 15, 2010

In the quiet and serene vineyards of Napa there's more that meets the eye. Not only will they be known for their infamous wine and breath taking views, now they will be known to everyone for their cultivation of aromatic black truffles. Robert Sinskey Vineyards in the Carneros Region partnered with the American Truffle Company will be the first to cultivate truffles in the soil. The average time it takes about four to seven years for the first truffle harvest, which I am sure will be worth the wait.
It's so exciting to know that truffles can now be cultivated in California and the amazing possibilities it can bring. Not only is Napa known for their wine but also for the many wondrous Master Chefs and their restaurants for one to enjoy after a luxurious day out in wine country. I am simply reeled by the thought of all the fragrant truffles mixed in with the great food and wine. Imagine if one day they offer Truffle Wine? I'd be the first in line to try this delectable concoction.
To honor the introduction of truffles into the Napa vineyards they have launched first of I hope many Napa Truffle Festival. It will be a weekend of culinary and truffle exploration. There will be cooking demonstrations from the Culinary Institute of America, Truffle & Wine pairings from Michelin Star Chefs, the 13 Michelin Star Truffle Dinner, and more! Needless to say that this weekend will be one of the most sensual flavor exploration for a gourmand. Count me in! They had me at truffles! I can't wait to learn all there is to know about truffles and visit the Robert Sinskey Vineyards to see the beginning of a very fruitful endeavor.
Start planning your winter weekend getaway to check out the Inaugural Napa Truffle Festival that will leave you wanting more. Book your tickets now to secure your spot. Imagine one dinner where you will be able to sample some of the finest Chefs around the US and in just one night.

Event :
Inaugural Napa Truffle Festival

Date :
December 10th-12th

Location :
Westin Verasa
1314 Mckinstry Street
Napa , California 94559


Ticket Prices :
The Epicurean Grower Scientist: $850 per person
• Welcome Reception and Truffle Prix Fixe Dinners at Napa restaurants including
Bardessono, La Toque and Martini House
• Saturday Continental Breakfast
• Keynote
• Truffle Lunch at La Toque
• Truffle Seminars 1, 2, 3
• Robert Sinskey Vineyards Truffle Orchard Tour

The Gourmet: $950 per person
• Welcome Reception and Truffle Prix Fixe Dinner
• Saturday Continental Breakfast
• Keynote
• Gourmet Lunch at Greystone
• The Art of Wine-Truffle Pairing: Cooking Classes 1 & 2
• Champagne Brunch
• Epicurean Marketplace

The Truffle Gourmand: $1,325 per person
• Three-day pass to all events including Michelin Star Truffle Dinner

Michelin Star Truffle Dinner: $475 person

Description :
The American Truffle Company proudly introduces the inaugural Napa Truffle Festival, presented by Lexus, December 10-12, 2010—featuring a unique gathering of leading truffle cultivation experts and scientists, along with internationally renowned Michelin Star chefs and special guests from the food and wine world.

The focus of the Festival is primarily black truffles—specifically, Tuber melanosporum (the winter or Périgord truffle) and Tuber aestivum/uncinatum (the summer or Burgundy truffle), which will be discussed, examined, probed, prepared, demonstrated, and finally paired with wines and feasted upon.

The Napa Truffle Festival weekend kicks off Friday evening with an opening reception at The Westin Verasa and organized dinners at select Napa restaurants. Saturday includes cultivation and culinary seminars, cooking classes, a truffle orchard tour excursion and the Michelin Star Truffle Dinner. Sunday concludes the Festival with a Champagne Truffle Brunch, followed by an Epicurean Marketplace.

The highlight of the Festival will be Saturday night’s Michelin Star Truffle Dinner, hosted by Michelin Star Chef Ken Frank of La Toque restaurant and featuring a multi-course truffle menu (each course prepared by a Michelin Star chef) and wine pairing.

Throughout the Truffle Festival weekend, local Napa Valley restaurants will provide seasonal truffle menus, and contribute to culinary seminars and classes focused on truffles.

Cultivation experts and scientists include Dr. Paul Thomas, partner and chief scientist, American Truffle Company and Managing Director, Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd (UK); and Dr.Alexander Urban, University of Vienna.

Michelin Star chefs, with 13 stars among them, include Josiah Citrin of Mélisse, Santa Monica, CA; Ken Frank of La Toque, Napa, CA; David Kinch of Manresa, Los Gatos, CA; Gabriel Kreuther of The Modern, New York, NY; Nancy Oakes of Boulevard, San Francisco, CA,; and Sylvain Portay of Le Louis XV (Monte Carlo), Mix (Las Vegas) and Adour (NY).

Truffle Festival Schedule

Friday, December 10, 2010
• Welcome reception at The Westin Verasa
• Truffle Prix Fixe Dinners at select Napa restaurants

Saturday, December 11, 2010
• Continental Breakfast
• Truffle Seminars
1. Science-based Truffle Cultivation – with world-renowned truffle scientists Dr. Paul Thomas and Dr. Alexander Urban
2. The Economics of Truffle Cultivation – with ATC Robert Chang and Dr. Paul Thomas
3. Proprietary Truffle Science – by invitation only (for existing ATC client-partners)
• The Art of Wine-Truffle Pairing: Cooking Classes 1 & 2 – each session taught by a Michelin Star chef
• Robert Sinskey Vineyards Truffle Orchard Tour in the Carneros Region – see what an
operating truffle orchard looks like!
• Michelin Star Truffle Dinner

Sunday, December 12, 2010
• Champagne Truffle Brunch
• Epicurean Marketplace - fresh black truffles for sale along with local organic farmers and
artisanal gourmet vendors on hand to show and sell their fresh produce and specialty food products.
Participating Michelin Star Chefs
• Josiah Citrin of Mélisse, Santa Monica, CA
• Ken Frank, La Toque – Napa, CA
• David Kinch, Manresa - Los Gatos, CA
• Gabriel Kreuther, The Modern - New York, NY
• Nancy Oakes, Boulevard - San Francisco, CA
• Sylvain Portay of Le Louis XV (Monte Carlo), Mix (Las Vegas) and Adour (NY).

A portion of the proceeds from the Napa Truffle Festival will go to support the Hunger Project and Feeding America.


Unknown said...

Looks like it's gonna be an insane and luxurious festival!! Are you going??

Anonymous said...

Looks right up your ally

Liz said...

Oh geez... trufflessss!

Jen said...

OMG this sounds simply divine!

Kat said...

Truffles are the best things in the world! Feel free to join me in Napa for some delicious truffles! Of course we can't forget the great wine and food up there too! =D

gourmetpigs said...

Damn .. well it's safe to say ... I can't afford it!!

Kat said...

You can! Pick and choose the part of the events you want to go to. =)

Maybe if there is anything good and if my love for you is great enough... I just might pick something up for your b-day and/or x-mas gift =) I have something really nice as part of your b-day already fyi =D

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