Monday, October 11, 2010

Today I was invited to a media preview/tour of Whole Foods Market newest store opening in Huntington Beach this Wednesday! Join their Grand Opening October 13th and be the first 300 customers in line at 9:00 AM for their Bread Breaking Ceremony to receive a complimentary demi-baguette. Instead of the tiresome traditional ribbon cutting ceremony they have elected to represent who they really are by breaking bread. Like today, there will be plenty of their products being showcased and sampled.
If you can't make the Grand Opening October 13th, come check the market out on Community Support Day October 20th where 5% of net sales will be donated to the Bolsa Chica Conservancy. So be sure to save all your shopping needs until that day and stock up so that you can spend money on super fresh produce while contributing to the local community.
The produce looked so fresh and tasty that I wish they would let us purchase some for home. The tomatoes looked SPECTACULAR. I really love the assortment of cherry and grape tomatoes that they offer. It's almost as if I were shopping in a farmer's market. Believe it or not, but they will be carrying a lot of local produce. There will be signs posted everywhere to let buyers know exactly where the wonderful produce comes from.
On Wednesday they will be celebrating the opening of their 300th stores after 30 years in a brand new 30,000-square-foot store. 3 and 0's is the theme of the day. At this store they will unveil a new and bigger Bulk Food section to suit their patron's needs.
Local produce suppliers were out in full force showcasing their products. I was delighted to sample the Reed Avocado that was so plump and savory. Ever since my trip to Florida I have been nostalgic for a gigantic avocado salad.
Today we got to meet Mary and learn about Mary's Air Chilled Chicken. No added water, no antibiotics, and gluten free. Her special method of air chilling does make a difference in taste and texture of the chicken. It's definitely worth trying and changing what chicken you use to cook.
Learn about Whole Foods new 5 Step Animal Awareness Rating. They are there to answer any questions on where your meat comes from. After all, they pride themselves on their natural meat.
We also got to sample some delectable treats from Tracey Downey creator of Xan Confections. The chocolates looked wonderful and shimmery. They are not sold individually at this Whole Foods location, but come in nice boxed sets. I also took note of their huge selection of Vosges chocolates! Although I am behind on posting, I love Vosges and go to Vegas all the time to get my fix. It is good to know where I can get the chocolate bars locally now.Here at their Huntington Beach location they will be integrating Surf City USA and the Vietnamese community culture. They will be serving Banh Mi and make your own Pho in their prepared food section. Be sure to come in on Wednesdays when the self served hot and cold food is at a special rate of $5.99 from their normal price of $7.99. On Sundays they have a special $10 pizza and beer special. Any large pizza plus beer for only $10? Not bad!
Don't miss out on trying some delicious honey from Honey Pacifica. I was ecstatic to see that they offer honeycomb. There were so many honeys to try that were great. My favorite was the Coastal California Wildflower Honey. They take their bees to different areas in California to harvest the different savory flavors.Whole Foods Market
7881 Edinger Ave., Suite 150
Huntington Beach, CA 92647


Vincent said...

Oh my you're right they do have pretty much all the Vosges chocolate bars imaginable! I love them too. But when I'm away from a boutique I get them online. Some online stores like regularly have free shipping. Just thought I'd pass the tip! thanks for the coverage of the new Whole Foods opening!

Jenn said...

Hi Kat,

I stumbled upon this old post of yours in which you noted that you were/are a Vosges chocolate fan and I wonder if you remember an old "discontinued" flavor of theirs. I do not know the name, only that it was a dark chocolate bar, NOT organic, with aphrodisiac herbs in it (it's not what they offer now for their Valentine's Day assortment though could be similar in herbs). And I believe the box had a picture of a whole cacao pod on it.

It was about a year or so ago that I had this, but have not had any luck tracking it down on the internet. Contacting Vosges via their site to see if they can help. Do I seem desperate? :)

Ever seen this bar before?


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