Sunday, October 3, 2010

Who loves Lobster Fest in San Pedro? I DO! This is the first time I have ever went under First Class Tickets and I must say it ROCKS! Normally I have to plan and strategize on how I can maneuver the festival easily. Throw those plans out the window because the First Class Tickets give so much freedom! You can arrive later with no worries about the line and the extra lobsters are so cheap! With the First Class Ticket, each extra lobster is $13 each and I ate a total of 5! That's right, I said FIVE! Mmmm... I got my lobster on!
Every year they pull out the same entrance decoration, but gosh darn it I love seeing the two lobsters. As you walk through the gateway you will see the happy crowd moving about. Of course who could miss the whole row of food! Since I am a Lobster Fest "Expert", I headed straight for the lobster area. I was a woman with a mission! =)
This year is a very special year as things have changed. They have jumped on board to the hottest food trend and included quite a few food trucks in their Lobster Fest. I was super stoked to hear that the Ragin' Cajun Truck from the Great Food Truck Race was going to be at the festival. As soon as I spotted the truck, it was like a magnet attracting me over.
There wasn't too long of a line and the people running the truck were super friendly. I asked what would be the best choice and they recommended their Bowl Gumbolaya, which is Jambalaya with Gumbo on top for $6. You get a huge cup of gumbolaya with sliced sausage-like hot dogs on top. For me, maybe the soupy texture was not for me but I was sorely disappointed. The flavors were just alright for me, personally I love Harold & Belle's a lot more.
The Fried Shrimp Poboy, $7, looked appetizing so I ordered one too. All of the shrimp were out of their breading so that was definitely a minus. They were crispy but I felt like this dish was all over the place. Barely breaded shrimp that is topped off with tons of fried batter scatter. The best part were their hot sauces. They have a pretty tasty selection of hot sauces but as for a Po'Boy I'd rather have Harold & Belle's again because their butterflied shrimp is to die for.
Nevertheless, I say everyone should try the Ragin' Cajun for themselves to find out if it suits their tastes. The people there were super friendly and even passed out samples later. I got to try the Beef Brisket in Brown Gravy. I thought the meat was tender, but it didn't really move me.
As for the highlight of the festival.... LOBSTER baby!!! Loved the First Class Ticket for having their own line. No Fuss, No Muss. Grab your delicious lobsters from the assembly line. Don't forget to ask for some extra lemons to drizzle all over each luscious piece!
Move on over to the chopping line. See them cut into the shells to make your life easier. I crack all lobsters by hand skillfully and quickly because I have a monstrous appetite for lobsters! =D This year I had 5 and I really wanted 6 lobsters, but thank goodness my family stopped me because I was getting full! Had to save room for all the other yummy goodies around the park! Stay tuned for part II of my foodie adventures at Lobster Fest as I roam around the festival looking for my next fix ^_-.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a super fun festival!

Kat said...

It is! I love going every year =D If you ever come down for a visit, you should definitely check it out! Never can get enough lobsters in my book =D

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