Thursday, October 21, 2010

How can I not try a truck called Get Your Lard ON!?!?!?! =D It's as if this was created solely for me because of my extreme love for lard and BACON! Or as That 70's Show made it so classic, "Bacone!" I simply adore the way that Eric Forman, Topher Grace, taunted his father who just had a heart attack with the ultimate temptation... BACONE! Ever since that episode I have forever changed the way I look at bacon and say the word bacon. Needless to say I was ecstatic to hear about the launch of this truck. They are hard to find but now that they have been up and running for about a month I was able to hunt them down. On crazy packed day of Intelligentsia, Chocolate Salon, Euro Pane, then followed by Get Your Lard On, and Savor the Season : Cooking For Love to end the night. I just had to fit them in and follow the smell of bacon to Echo Park.
There were so many things I wanted to eat but the continuous day of eating limited my options since there was more to come tonight. Of course I had to have "the bacone" ($4) with 3 strips of bacon: duck, wild boar, and applewood smoked. Astonishingly enough you can easily distinguish which is which, or at least I can. The subtle flavors and texture of duck emanates through the thick and crisp bacon. Who doesn't love wild boar? Mmmmmm. All bacon all the time. Yumm! I am curious what other great types of meat they will rotate in for "the bacone"!
Bring on "the baco"! Potatoes and Cheddar Cheese all wrapped up in a Bacon Shell and paired with Horseradish Bacon Sour Cream, $4. This was my evil twin's favorite. I loved the horseradish kick embedded in the bite with the savory flavor. Bacon tends to be on the saltier side so the potatoes really help complement the taste and a hint of sour cream for sweetness.
Sadly they were out of the chicken wings!!! I was balling inside. How could I pass up the chance for bacon and wings in HOT sauce???? They offered a side of bacon covered in hot sauce, which I immediately agreed to. The hot sauce was tasty, tangy, and spicy. MET started coughing after one bite and gave up! lol Weak sauce! No worries I munched down the 2 strips with ease. Can't wait to come back to mix it up with the wings.
We decided to try the Frisee au Lardon Sandwich filled with strips of Pork Belly and a Fried Egg on a toasted Brioche, $6. For me, I think I would've rather had "the lardon" because it was stuffed with bacon. I'll admit that I had sandwich envy when I saw what another guy ordered. This was a little too light for me and not enough meat.
For dessert they offer Lark Brownies with Nutella and topped off with Bacon, $3.50! How can I not get one of these? They totally loaded the brownie with a thick spread of Nutella and lots of delicious bits of bacon. This seriously almost sent me over the edge. I swear a heart attack is in the near future, but at least I will have died happy? It might just be sensory overload but this is seriously dangerous. One bite was enough, I have to finish this slowly and carefully. lol

Bacon will probably be the end of me but that wont stop me. I definitely will be back for some more bacon! Many new recipes at work and I have repeatedly told them that I'd volunteer as a taste tester. O=)


Reeni said...

Everything looks crazy good - especially the brownies!

Kat said...

Thanks for reading Reeni! You should hunt them down for some bacon! You can never go wrong with bacon! ^_-

Anonymous said...

No address or link? Making me look it up on my own. Boo. Guess who!

Kat said...

Ha ha it isn't anonymous if you told me about it at dinner dork! =P You should just follow them on twitter to get the most up to the moments tweet about where they are. Or just check out their website ===> here now you should be able to just click =9

Katherine Josh said...

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Up til now, Jasmine Flower is my favorite!

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