Thursday, October 14, 2010

Okay I am so mad that this will be a 2 review post! This post is to WARN people of the HORRENDOUS experience last night. I had a massive headache/migraine by the end of the night because I was so MAD! And boy was I NOT alone about this!

If you have reservations for Ortolan, SAVE YOURSELF THE ANGER AND PAIN! Go to Petrossian or La Cachette for Dine LA! Avoid Orotolan like the PLAGUE!

I am writing this now to save people from making the same mistake! The food was pedestrian and BARELY EDIBLE!

Look at this PUTRID MESS! It tasted just as VILE AS IT LOOKS! **HURL** I barely swallowed the DRY FLAVORLESS fish, if you can call it that, on top!

They short changed us on food and made us some BS excuse about why they are not on the plate. The snotty arrogant sommelier kept lying through his teeth and then made the conversation even worse by saying oh well what is on the menu isn't the same as what they serve because it would be too expensive. WTF! That is ridiculous! You have no idea how much I want to cuss on my on site! They lie about what they serve but in actuality they were POORLY managed by an INCOMPETENT CHEF did not prepare enough for the night and didn't feel that it was NECESSARY to relay this information to the server nor the customer! Did they think we were amateurs with 5 cameras and 6 cell phones going? They tried to pulled a fast one and were caught in the act.

The PATHETICALLY UNTALENTED CHEF EME NEVER even came out because he probably thought he was too good for us to apologize or he is just the PATHETIC LOSER with NO MICHELIN STAR hiding his tail between his leg and ran away. All the staff seemed fearful of this ARROGANT SOB. We were all INFURIATED by the sommelier who agree to take one item off but he has to do it behind the chef's back? Because the POMPOUS INCOMPETENT CHEF thought that he did nothing wrong and since half of us did NOT even eat our dish that we should be charged? What did the crappy sommelier do? He said he would take it off the bill and came back with the SAME bill WITHOUT fixing anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pour oil to the fire!

Okay you think this was bad? Umm this is only a PORTION of the evening. I haven't even gotten to the POORLY COOKED food that made all of GAG! Only because I knew that we would have to pay for the CRAP served, I BARELY swallowed the fish and meat served. Needless to say we were all STARVING AND PISSED!

I curse myself for ever thinking this restaurant was respectable. Albeit the decor was very nice but food, service, ambiance was DEPLORABLE! Dude we kept hearing 80's music in our room all night. At first that was pretty funny to be in a SUPPOSED high-end restaurant and listening to the most random music. We were pretty much ABANDONED in EXILE the whole night. Bread took about 45 minutes to come and ONLY because we ASKED! EVERYTHING WAS DREADFUL! All I have to say is Michelin should be ASHAMED to ever give this RAT HOLE any stars! It's a blemish to the Michelin Guide. This place should really go out of business if this is the kind ABYSMAL CUISINE they serve!

8338 w. 3rd Street
Los Angeles


Wandering Chopsticks said...

That's so bad. I'd been wanting to try it because it's owned by Jeri Ryan. :P The chef/owner is her husband too.

Kat said...

Don't do it!!! I was lulled by the same notion and look what happened! =*( We started the evening on a high note because we got a private room but then it went down... no service... then horrible food plus an even worse attitude??!?! So bad! I am still fuming from the experience @_@

Anita Lau said...

hey Kat when are you going to write part 2 of this? ;-p

Kat said...

I know I have been bad and neglecting my duties to complain about this horrendous place! Will get on this soon! O=)

Anonymous said...

Beating a dead horse here (since Ortolan is closed), but really? DineLA?!

Serious foodies don't do DineLA, since serious foodies should already know that the discounted DineLA meals force kitchens to cut corners they usually wouldn't cut for a fully-priced meal there (a lot of heat lamps and pre-fab meals sitting out there on the chef's counter), all in the name of getting your foot in their door.

Therefore, for the discerning diner, the DineLA meal you're getting in NO WAY resembles the meal you would get on other nights at that particular restaurant.

This, of course, is no excuse for customer abuse, since the restaurant could choose not to participate in DineLA in the first place. My point is that I would avoid DineLA like the plague.

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