Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To be honest ever since I met Chef Todd English in person, I have been a huge fan! He is sweet, gentlemanly, and a great chef all around. As fate would have it, when I met him at the BubbleQ at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival, he was serving up crisp lobster rolls! How could I not love him? When I heard that he opened a new "P.U.B" in Vegas, I was eager to try it. Todd English's P.U.B. is located inside the Crystal Towers/City Center. Parking is a bit far away but there are trams that will take you from Aria into the Crystal Towers/City Center.
The place is super clean but doesn't really resemble a "gastropub". It's a huge restaurant with plenty of tables and in the center is the bar along with the seafood bar. Everything on the counter looked super fresh and delicious.
Serving up a little snack, they brought us a bowl of popcorn to start.
There were quite a few things on the menu that I wanted to try but none more than the Brown Butter Lobster Rolls, $24. I refused to share with Burumun so she was forced to order her own, which meant we weren't going to try more menu items. Alas, I don't share lobster if I have to and beware of my fork stabbing you if you try to deprive me of my lobster. O=) The rolls contain freshly shucked Maine Lobster, Warm Brown Butter Aioli, House Made Slaw, and Kettle Chips. There were 3 rolls, which is a pretty healthy portion. I noticed that they only inserted claw meat inside and a decent amount. My only qualm was the lack of flavor. A little too light in my opinion. The one at Thermidor in SF is a million times better, but of course more expensive.
As many of you know, I am greedy! Too greedy this time. I chose to order off "The Carvery" where they supposedly offer the highest quality meats cooked over their rotisserie and you assemble the sandwich at the table. You can choose your bread and two sauces. I chose the Todd English Brisket, $16. For my bread I couldn't pass up the chance to savor some Challah bread. Even the sauces looked very promising so I chose Blue Cheese Fondue and Black Truffle Mayo. When the meat came to table it looked DRY! Brisket is usually a fattier cut of meat and should be tender or melt in your mouth. This did not look appetizing at all! I should have sent it back but I figured I would take back to So Cal and feed the folks. In my picture I compensated the color of the meat when in reality it looked much more pale and dry, but like I have said before... I never want to present a bad photo so I edit but I speak the truth in my review. Pass this up! It was a waste of money! For $16 I got 1/2 lb of super super DRY meat and boring bread. Ick!
All in all the lobster sammy was fine but nothing I would ever crave or recommend to other people. Service was fine because the guy was nice but the manager would often walk around stare! Maybe because we were taking tons of pictures but staring makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Needless to say I still love Chef Todd English and have many photos with him. O=) I will stick with Olives for now thanks.

Todd English's P.U.B.
3720 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 489-8080
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Cookie Sleuth said...

I'm headed to Vegas soon and will need to give this a try! I look forward to reading more Vegas reviews... Right now my fav is Table 10 at Palazzo (one of Emeril's restaurants).

Kat said...

Oh there's a lot of great places in Vegas. I don't know if Todd English's P.U.B. is worth a visit. I'd recommend Carnevino over this. On my next Vegas trip coming up, I am going to mix things up and try all new things. I recommend L'Atelier del Joel Robuchon if you get a chance and of course Joel Robuchon is fabulous. I have a ton of off the strip recs too O=)

MRatito said...

I ate here last spring shortly after it opened. I had the grilled bologna sandwich with black truffle mayo. One of the best things I have ever eaten.....

Kat said...

MRatito - I don't know maybe they had an off day but the Brisket I had was horrendous. I have never had such a dry meat and the lobster sandwich was really "mehhh" in my book. Maybe the grilled sandwiches are better, but after what I had and spending $50 ish for the stuff I got... no thanks.

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