Monday, September 6, 2010

It might not be a secret anymore but Vegas is rocking out with their late night robata/yakitori joints! Every time I go to Vegas I make sure to try as many places as possible. It really helps that many places are open super late so that I can try to digest a little before I most onto the next conquest. lol Ms. Lin and I planned our little nocturnal outing at 1:30 am to try Raku. Just in case, I would recommend call ahead to make reservations because it is a small space and we all know that people get the late night munchies.

People here are not joking so bring your appetite and your A game. Be bold and daring. Eat the $8.00 Fresh Kobe Beef Liver! Yes, fresh meaning RAW! I dived right in without fear. You've got to be adventurous, especially about food. I love duck/goose liver so raw beef liver should be alright, right? @_@ lol Don't know if it is safe but I am glad I tried it. Raw liver definitely has a completely different texture. Much more glossy and slick than cooked liver. They give a special dipping sauce that includes citrus to accentuate the flavor. Let's leave the whole experience at interesting and fun!

If you like Uni, Sea Urchin, then you will like a bunch of dishes offered here. Ms. Lin is a die hard uni fan so there wasn't any complaints coming from her. They serve Sea Urchin and Seaweed with Soup for $4.00 in the Oden section. At first we only ordered one to see if it was good and worth the money. Needless to say that we immediately asked for a second order since there was a generous helping of uni on top. =)

Ms. Lin had to have the Poached Egg with Sea Urchin and Salmon Roe, $7.00. This was a very light appetizer with a soft poached egg atop a thin broth and tiny mushrooms. The uni is able to stand out and compliment the surrounding ingredients.
One thing I love about this place is that they offered Foie Gras, $14, from the robata grill. I am definitely not sharing this so we immediately asked for 2 orders. Freshly grilled foie gras and nicely coated with a soy based sauce. Yum!
There was a bunch of delectable items to select on the robata section. Ms. Lin wanted the Tomato wrapped with Bacon, $2.50. Word to the wise, wait for it to cool off because as soon as you bite into the juicy baby tomato all the hot juice squirts out and will most likely burn your tongue. Good things come to those who wait.
I always like to get Tsukune, $3.50 Grilled Ground Chicken, since I had it at Kappo Hana. Most of the other robata items are smaller in portion but you get a generous size ground chicken. It almost looks like a ground chicken thigh stick.
We decided to try the Ground Chicken Portabella, $3.50. They stuff the ground chicken into the mushroom and grill. I prefer just grilled ground chicken because you get more meat! =)
Always delicious is the Kurobata Pork Cheek, $2.50. Grilled fatty pork is simply divine. The meat was tender and tasty. I know a lot of you see fatty and think eww, but that is where all the flavor is.
When I see Kobe Beef I have to order some. They offer a Kobe Beef Outside Skirt with Garlic, $6.00. There's a generous portion of meat topped off with lots of garlic.
Would you question the menu if you see Simmer Meat Intestine in Simple Soup, $5.00? We wondered what type of meat... of course we just asked. I believe it was beef intestine, nothing too crazy. It was a big bowl of cabbage, mushroom, and green onion soup. Very light to compliment the intestines.
All in all it was a very enjoyable late snack evening. It can get dangerous here because you just want to keep ordering! Sometimes I want to get rid of Ms. Lin so I can order to my heart's content! Eating with no guilt nor worries is everyone's dream. Be sure to check out Vegas' new late night hot spot Raku to satisfy the hunger. =)

Raku Japanese Charcoal Grill
5030 W. Spring Mountain Rd #2
Las Vegas, NV 89146

(702) 367-3511
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