Friday, September 10, 2010

What is San Francisco like? Well they are definitely an eclectic group where they favor the small businesses and frown upon conglomerates. SF likes to preserve their individuality and not become a cookie cutter mold of corporate America . I know it is corny but I just have to write, “Down with the Man!” Pirate Cat Radio and Café completely embodies these characteristics. Here they serve freshly made drinks and you can sit there listening to their own radio station. Ms. Lin and I decided to drop by on our way back to try their infamous Maple Bacon Latte.
At the counter they have many little treats from other small businesses. The mini cupcakes are what caught my attention. I just had to have the Red Velvet and Horchata! What? Isn’t that a drink? Well they have it now in cupcake form. It was actually pretty moist and tasty. The red velvet was a little bit on the drier side but still not too bad. Each mini cupcake was $1.
There was a jar of Salted Dark Chocolate Cookies from Lacajou. As soon as we heard salted, we had to try one. Each cookie is $2 and this one was definitely not worth the price. OMG that was one tough cookie and not in a good way. I feel that I would chip or crack my teeth trying to bite into it! @_@ The flavor didn’t seem too bad but way too tough.
So for the pièce de résistance we ordered one Bacon Maple Latte to try first before getting a separate cup for Ms. Lin. Let’s just say she didn’t bother getting anymore drinks after this. In my mind I thought there would be more bacon flavor or taste. It is just a regular latte with a few sprinkles of shaved bacon on top. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BACON! The drink was really so-so for me and I wouldn’t ever crave it again. The latte itself wasn’t anything special and a little on the watery side for my liking.
All in all it was fun to check out one of SF’s landmark places. Service wasn’t that friendly when we ordered but it was fine. I think it’s just fun to check out but don’t have too high of an expectation like I did.

Pirate Cat Radio and Café
2781 21st St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 341-1199
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