Saturday, September 25, 2010

**Insert Monkey Noises** In the jungle, the might jungle... the lion sleeps tonight! Aweeeeeeeeee-eeeee-eeee. Now that I have deafen everyone with some wild singing. Tucked away inside Yes Plaza is Jungle Tea. The outside only says Tea Bar until you go inside to see the Jungle Tea sign. It is adjoined with Country Chicken, a gaming area, and more. There are tables and chairs for people to sit and an arcade area for you to "prowl" afterward. Trying to find a parking spot in this plaza on a Friday night is murder. Tons of ferocious beasts out there waiting to pounce on the next open spot.
I loved their decor at the counter. They do tend to be busy on a Friday night when all the young ones come out to play. I wanted to try one of their drinks and they do have an extensive menu. Of course I chose the item with no description, Milky 102. E and I laughed about the name and elusiveness. I asked and they told me that it was Black Sugar and Pudding with Milk. They assured me that it would be sweet. I actually really liked this drink. It was sweet and the pudding was tasty.
One of the main reasons I came here was that I saw they offered Mango Shaved Ice. We didn't see it on the menu but you will see the signs at the counter. The shaved ice was topped with Mango Syrup and lots of Mangoes. They aren't fresh mangoes, instead they are the pre-soaked sugary ones. I am not complaining because I wouldn't want to be munching on sour mango cubes. They must have added another syrup that was very reminiscent of Cool Whip along with the mango syrup. There was a slight creamy kick to each bite, which didn't resemble condensed milk. Still, overall it was a generous portion and sweet.
All in all it was a fun place to check out. I almost gave up and left after circling the lot endlessly looking for parking. In the day time the lot is pretty empty but come Friday night, woowee! I recommend checking this place out at a less crazier time. =)

Jungle Tea

18178 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 965-5459


Cookie Sleuth said...

Both your drink and the shaved ice look great! Thanks for sharing this find...

Kat said...

Thanks! I hope you get a chance to try them =)

I saw that you have been in SF. You should have stopped by Anthony's Cookies for a look see. Mmm Mmmm good =)

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