Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's better than eating succulent pieces of lamb, sipping wine, mingling with fellow foodies & chefs, and bidding on great items in a silent auction? Eating and not gaining a pound, I wish! At least at Fork It Over you can justify the massive food consumption as part of a wonderful cause! =) Over 25 Bay Area Chefs have joined together with the California Lamb Producers to serve up a delectable storm of culinary delights. All items at the silent auction were used support education and hospitality through the Golden Gate Restaurant Association Scholarship Foundation. A great big thanks to Andrew Freeman & CO for allowing me to cover this glorious celebration of food. If you use a Visa Signature Card to make ticket purchases, they offer a 20% discount on all events to sweeten the deal!
I took this chance to try out Acquerello with Chef Suzette Gresham wo-manning the table. Acquerello is on SF's finest restaurants as they hold a coveted Michelin Star. The lamb tartar was refreshing and tasty. In the center we have a nicely rolled up piece of lamb around a soft cheese. The sweetness of the tartar compliment the lighter flavor of the centerpiece. One of my top places that showcased the lamb off well. I made sure to make my rounds before they run out.
Scala's Bistro changed things up by offering lamb tongue! I think this is the first time I have ever had lamb tongue, so kudos to them for bringing something new to the table. Top Chef contestant, Chef Jen Biesty is the Executive Chef at Scala's Bistro. I was able to enjoy the Anolon's Chef Challenge the next morning courtesy of R3 Builders. Stay tuned to see which team won!
Chef Josiah Slone of Sent Sovi served up a lamb confit. Tender shredded pieces of lamb dabbled with the ginger chocolate sauce.
Napa Valley Wine Train with Chef Kelly MacDonald filled his station with planks of lamb. On top of each bread was a tender chunk of lamb loin. Hard to believe, but there wasn't as much lamb as there was pork the night before. I simply adore lamb and was glad to find a station offering lamb closer to medium rare.
Offering up a wide variety, Chef Hoss Zare from Zare At Fly Trap even has a vegetarian option for the night. The Kufteh Tabrizi atop verjus sauce and accompanied with Mediterranean avocado salsa, feta cheese, and black olives. On top of the table was a beautiful display of spices.To the left was pulled braised lamb slider with roasted cippolini onion and a fresh sour cherry emulsion.
A great change in pace was Chef Matt Garcia from Pier 23 serving up a refreshing seafood salad atop a round tortilla chip. Succulent bay shrimps along with shredded crab mixed together on a crunchy chip really hit the spot. I couldn't stop dropping by all night long. Lucky for me that Ms. Lin doesn't really like cooked seafood because I used her to grab a few extra for me. It's just simple, fresh, and light!
Representing for Delfina was Chef Craig Stoll and Matthew Gandin. A bustling Italian trattoria in the Mission District as well as many subsequent venues that have become a staple to SF cuisine. Ironically I have yet to visit their restaurant. This is why I love food festivals/events that allow me to get a taste of the many splendid restaurants that the city offers. Dare to be different, they served a savory sliced roast pig sliders. The best part was that each one had a crunchy piece of skin to give it that extra oomph!
Hard to believe this is only Part I. So many places left to try and a lounge to relax in. Fiji and Pom were there to lend a helping hand to quench non-alcoholic drinkers like me. I getting full yet hungry looking at all these pictures. What can I say? I simply adore food festivals/events!


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