Friday, September 24, 2010

After driving side streets from Mission Viejo to Rowland Heights for my b-day celebration, I couldn't just let it end at some delicious shrimps and clams at The Shack. As we were heading over for dessert in Yes Plaza I saw a beaming sign, Country Chicken. How can I ever pass up the chance for some fried chicken???? lol Now that I am lucky enough to have internet on my phone, the first thing I do is look up the ratings and reviews! Many people praised the friendly service and complained about the wait. There wasn't really around at this time so I decided that I needed some fried chicken with my shaved ice. Got to mix up the salty and sweet factor after all.
I was quite full actually but I had to make room for some extra adventures on a special night. After a long debate, I decided to get the Garlic Soy Chicken Wings. The guy behind the counter was very friendly and offered to bring them out to my table next store, Jungle Tea. I asked him if they were crispy and he guaranteed me that if they weren't he would gladly give me my money back. It is definitely very reminiscent to KyoChon except the wings are more plump. Indeed, it was crispy and fresh. They were a little bit on the saltier side with slight hints of sweetness in the glaze.
All in all it was enjoyable and the guy was super friendly. Next time I am in the "hood" and craving some wings, I'd drop by for an order. Keep in mind, they are fried fresh so they do take a while to come out so be patient. =)

Country Chicken
18180 E Colima Rd Ste A
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 964-5000


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