Saturday, August 7, 2010

I have been hearing so much about the Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich that I am dying to go! Many people told me about different deals and the closest date was 8/4/10 where they wave the entrance fee if you bring 5 pieces of clothing. What a great deal! I went early in the afternoon thinking that others were at work and I could enjoy the OC Fair peacefully. Wrong! It was crowded and the line for parking off the 55 was horrible. Word to the wise, go to Fairview to enter because there really isn't a wait.
The donation process was speedy and sweet. They were all super friendly, chatty, and grateful. I was excited about going to the fair!
As soon as I entered through the gates, I headed straight for the food stands! The closest one from the entrance was Juicy's Funnel Cakes! The big flashy billboard calls out to you drawing me in like a fly to the blue electric light... bzzzz and zap! I started the day with a Funnel Cake drenched in Powder Sugar. It was crispy and fresh.
The whole time I was in line I kept looking at the stand next to me drooling at the massive turkey legs. At the California Strawberry Festival I had the tastiest turkey legs ever. In fact, I took one home and it was still great!
Another big flashy sign from Juicy's about their Texas-Sized Turkey Legs. At first glance they looked tasty but boy were my eyes fooled. Isn't it ironic that a place called Juicy's serves extremely DRY turkey legs? This was definitely not worth the astronomical prices. =*(
I made the mistake in sending my Mom to buy the turkey leg. At first she said no to my desire of Fried Zucchini, but suddenly she came back with hideous onion rings. Apparently she made a mistake and we exchanged it for the fried zucchinis that were also horrendous. Little did I know they were coated in this thick humongous batter. It's probably the same batter as the corn dogs but nowhere near as good. The sad part is the fried zucchinis are the same price of turkey leg.
Next came the pièce de résistance, the Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich from Chicken Charlie's. They offer a wide variety of fried foods, but at a hefty price! ONE fried twinkie was $5... way over-priced! As for my sandwich, this was nothing like I imagined. I thought it would have been a real fried chicken stuck between two glazed donuts, doesn't that sound better?? Instead it was a lame chicken patty stuck between a jelly filled donut. Inside there was raspberry and blackberry jelly with a packet of honey on the side. I will admit that it is probably heart-clogging and 2000 calories, but not good. =*( I was sorely disappointed and wasted $6.75 on this??? Not worth it!
Needless to say there was not much that I found enjoyable. At this point I had already blown about $40! Of course there is more to come because I was not going to quit before I found some decent or yummy food... stay tuned for Part II of my OC Fair experience. =D Wanted to warn those who go right now that these are definitely not worth the money so don't waste it and save it for a good meal!


Unknown said...

All the food I got this year at the fair was horrible, too. And I am easier to please than you are, and even I thought it was horrible. And no coke, only pepsi in the ENTIRE FAIR. Epic fail! I remember the food being a lot better when I was a kid.

Kat said...

OMG no coke! How did you even survive!?!?! lol I am picky and don't you forget but I enjoy all food =D You have no idea how stoked I was for the fair food! I am so sad about it now =*( Stuff always seem better in memory! I probably won't be going back to the fair for a looooong time =**(

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