Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I just have to say I love this truck! =D Executive Chef Jason Quinn is such a great guy and he can cook! I was astounded to find out that he used to work at Restaurant Charlie Palmer because his food is soooo much better than what I had there. With his partner in crime Daniel Shemtob, they provided us with the utmost service and delicious food. My first experience was at the Food Truck Extravaganza at 18678 Teller in Irvine, CA 92612 from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM on Wednesdays.
Joined by my foodies in crime, Holly and Anita, we were able to sample a bunch of their culinary creations. Along with the amazing food, we were able to chat with Chef Quinn for quite a while. He gladly shared all his secrets and has agreed to share some recipes. The one I really want is how to make his succulent Carnitas! I saw many people with the Carnitas Fries and had serious food envy! They used a 10 hour Roasted Pork, Sour Cream, Homemade Guacamole, Cotija Cheese, Cabbage, and Chipotle Honey Sauce on top of Fries. **drool drool** This looked and tasted like a piece of heaven. Each piece of carnitas was so tender and flavorful. Everything came together in perfect harmony.
Before Holly arrived, I ordered the Blue Crab Ceviche served with Fresh Tortilla Chips. This was just okay for me because I like to taste the strong flavor of blue crab instead. It was light and refreshing but I think I prefer the Blue Crab Hand Roll at Sushi Wasabi for my blue crab cravings. Still I love these guys!
Anita and I shared the Cuban Sandwich stuffed with 10 hour Roasted Pork, Genoa Salami, Black Forest Ham, Provolone, Pickles, and Homemade Mustard all in a Roll. They really packed that sandwich full of yummy goodness with a wide range of flavors. How can you not love a sandwich full of meat? It's even great to take home and toast afterward. Maybe I should store some in the fridge for emergency purposes? O=9
Not only do they offer tasty sandwiches, they have exotic concoctions to quench your thirst. I was lucky enough to try the Lime Jalapeño Basil drink before everything ran out. It was zesty and packed a bite. They create different drinks based on available fresh ingredients. Can't wait to see what they offer next! Every day is an adventure.
One sandwich that caught my eye was the Chicken Brie Panini made with all natural Chicken Breast, Dried Cranberries, Homemade Pesto, and French Brie. I love the combination of chicken and brie. The natural flavor of chicken is enhanced by the creme and slight bitterness of brie. Adding cranberries, a sweet component, makes everything even more aromatic. I thought about bogarting the whole sandwich and taking a few home as well.
What other sandwich could top that? Well The Lime Truck offers The Most Interesting Sandwich, which was also eaten by The Most Interesting Man! We had a wonderful time oohing and ahhing over the food as well as laugh at the wonderful picture of Miguel and the sandwich made for him. So what is this magical and majestic sandwich that we speak of? It's baked Mac & Cheese filled with Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Tomatoes, 2 different Cheeses, and drizzled with Chipotle Sauce. The flavors were popping and the sandwich was glistening in the sun beckoning us to take a bite. *crunch*
Needless to say, I love The Lime Truck and the geniuses behind it. Can't wait to see what other delectable creations they come up with.
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Gastronomer said...

I hope this truck creeps up to LA so that I can have a taste!

Kat said...

No my truck! lol J/K it will probably make its way up. Are you going to come down for the OC Foodie Fest? I just checked and they are on the list! You should come down and we can go together ^_-

H. C. said...

The Lime Truck is on my list of to-trys too -- since they do have quite a few promising veggie options!

Marian the Foodie said...

This is making me hungry again Kat!!!

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