Saturday, August 14, 2010

A great big thank you to Rick Dade and Laiko Bahrs from R3 Builders for the tickets to Hog In The Fog at Union Square. After a long horrid flight on United, I really needed a pick me up or something to celebrate. Winning tickets to Hog In The Fog was just what the doctor ordered! Set in the heart of San Francisco, many food and wine lovers gathered to see the cutting of the ribbon and join the opening night celebration.
The theme of the night was pork! It's time to pig out! The National Pork Board, Bay Area Chefs, and Cuesa Farmers Market work together in creating succulent dishes to taste. Presented by Wente Vineyards along with many bartenders from around the city keeps the drinks coming. Pom also has a lounge to quench your thirst. You definitely won't leave hungry of thirsty!
Tickets to all the events can be found at SF Chefs 2010's website. If you have a Visa Signature card, the ticket prices drop 20% and you get the coveted wine glass holder. They come in handy when your hands are full of plates from every station!
Champagne was overflowing and popping as they kicked off the event. Grab a nice glass of Chandon and toast to the celebration.
The early bird gets the worm. Before it got massively crowded, I was able to meet Chef Charles Phan. He's the genius from Slanted Door, Out the Door, and more where he modernizes Asian cuisine. I have yet to try Slanted Door so this was the perfect opportunity for a hands on experience and I must say... it was delightful! I really enjoyed the tenderness of the fish and wonderful seasonings. The noodles and herbs were very refreshing. Everything came together perfectly. Must make a reservation for Slanted Door now!
I was happy to see 4505 Meats with Chef Ryan Farr at the event. You can find them every Saturday at the Ferry Building serving up delicious meat concoctions. Most notably, they have Chicharrones! I asked for extras on my plate! They know their way around meat! Have I found my soulmates?
Iluna Basque with Chef Mattin Noblia was the first station I hit. Befitting to the theme, they offered Orange Braised Pork Shoulder and 5 Spices Pork Rillettes. The orange zest complemented the slow roasted pork.
*Whiff* Did I smell truffles? Lake Chalet Seafood Bar & Grill, Beach Chalet with Chef Jared Doob changed things up with Tuna Tartar and Asian Pears drizzled with Truffle Oil on top of Potato Waffle Chips. This was Ms. Lin's favorite of the night.
Paired with the tuna, they offered their own version of Pork Rillette nicely garnished with finely chopped heirloom tomatoes.
This was just the beginning! There were so many splendid Chefs there celebrating one of the tastiest meats around, Pork! **oink oink** I surely felt like a pig after the night was done, but I definitely did not regret a single moment! Follow me as I regale you with tales of great food and provide you with all the food porn you will ever need! ^_~ Warning: This May Cause Hunger! There's still time to come join me at SF Chefs 2010 as the festivities come to a close on Sunday! Bon Appétit!


Unknown said...

That looks really yummy. Was this recent, or when you were in SF earlier this year?

Kat said...

I'm in SF right now =D I flew up just for these events... going to start posting more as I get more time to write. I am sick though =*(

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