Friday, August 27, 2010

I saved the best for last. Poggio was definitely the MVP of the night. **Most Variety of Pork!** lol Right in front of their station was a beautiful assortment of how they plan to delight the crowd for the evening. They definitely used every part of the pig for the Hog in the Fog event. I love the concept that nothing goes to waste and everything was Deee-Lish! Poggio was the only table to offer such a variety and changed up the types of pork they serve. Smart strategy to keep guests coming back again and again!
At the beginning of the evening Chef Peter McNee was shaving fresh deli meats. He created a wonderful assortment where Pork was the main focus. At Poggio they serve rustic Norther Italian cuisine using their own organic garden.
They served the most tender and moist Pork Belly topped with a fresh slice of Tomato, Avocado, some Micro Greens, and Sardine. This looked so tasty that I had to have it. Poggio was really serving it up at the Hog in the Fog! Even though pork belly may be super fatty and heavy, they really paired it well and made it taste refreshing. I was astonished at how nicely the sardine went with everything. The tomato they used was very juicy and sweet adding tons of flavor to the bite. I'd definitely go to Poggio to try their pork belly and any other culinary creations after this.
Ms. Lin loved the freshly Grilled Sausage with Vegetables. The meat had just the right amount of firmness and juiciness. I loved the pressed cubed pork topped with fresh cherries. Pork is meant to be eaten with a sweet component to enhance the flavor.
The Pork Loin was super tender, grilled well, and full of flavor. I was surprised at how tasty the honey kumquat was and how nicely it paired with the pork. This is probably the first time I liked kumquat! There was no hint of the super sourness, just pure sweetness. Yum! Maybe I will play around with my kumquat tree to make some of my own.
Although the pic does not do it justice, but the Pork Rillette was fabulous. Inside the earthen jars in front of the station was a smooth spread accompanied with house made mustard. As you can see I globbed on the delicious spread. It was very flavorful and melted in my mouth. I was tempted to steal the jars! =D They also offered blood sausage that Ms. Lin ate because I draw the line there. Actually I would eat it, but considering there's so much yummy food in the tent I had to save room!
All in all I loved Poggio's station! Ms. Lin and I went home to look up where they are and wondered how come neither of us had heard of them. Alas... they are in Sausalito! Ms. Lin hates crossing the bridge and paying the toll but I am seriously considering to visit them the next time I am up. Make a day in beautiful Sausalito. Nothing could be better than sipping wine, looking out to the bay, and enjoying a great charcuterie board!
777 Bridgeway
Sausalito, CA 94965
(415) 332-7771
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