Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hans' Ice Cream & Deli has been on my list of places to try for a while. Since I was out with Veggie Girl and TP in Costa Mesa, I decided it was time to make a trip. Once you step in , it is like stepping back in time to a more peaceful time. The decor was very nostalgic. Imagine a family sitting together and enjoying a meal finished off by dessert or a couple drinking a shake with two straws. Being here feels like it is back when things were more simple and wholesome. Although I think us crazy gals shook up the place a bit. O=D
If you come in the morning, you can see the ice cream being made. Seems like everything is made fresh daily and in house.
I debated and debated on what to get here. Their Watermelon Sherbet caught my eye and I asked for a sample. It was refreshing and you could taste that real watermelons were used and the sherbet had a tangy aftertaste. In the end, I decided to get a scoop of the Peppermint Stick. Their prices are pretty reasonable for $3.50 you get a 1/4 lb. scoop. Boy were they not kidding because it was a nice big round scoop! The texture was very smooth and I love munching on peppermint bits.
Veggie Girl decided to get the Raspberry Sherbet. She thoroughly enjoyed it as she positioned herself provocatively in the booth. We all had a really nice laugh at how she was enjoying her dessert. She asked if I wanted to try it and I immediately replied NO! lol I hate raspberries but I did enjoy the watermelon flavor.
All in all this is a great place for family and friends. It is your neighborhood ice cream parlor. Prices and portion are very reasonable along with friendly service.

Hans' Ice Cream & Deli

3640 S Bristol St
Santa Ana, CA 92704

(714) 979-8815

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