Friday, July 9, 2010

Joe's Italian Ice & Petrucci's Ice Cream has been on my list to try for a few days. Especially since I was staying at the Hyatt nearby on Chapman and Harbor. I keep passing this beacon of light at night. It's like how insects are attracted that blue light. Zap! I was caught in their trap. Yesterday I had to pick up my iPhone charger that I left right before 4th of July. Stay tuned for pics of the hotel, it will surprise you! Since I was in the neighborhood again, I thought that I should make the most of it!
They have an array of choices to choose from. I decided to post the board to show what options you have. Online, people talked about the Mango Tango being one of their favorites. All I had to see was MANGO and I am hooked. Ever since Florida I have been on this huge mango craving, but of course nothing can replace the love for Indian/Pakistan mangoes. **Drool Drool** They have a vast amount of fruity flavors as well as some others. People said that their Italian ice tasted like the real deal. It's as if you were biting into the juicy fruit yourself.
Joe's Italian Ice is within walking distance to the Hyatt and near Disneyland. There's limited seating on the side of the store. I'd recommend eating in your car like you would do at Sonics or take it home to eat. The consistency of the ice is pretty dense so it won't melt any time soon. Except for my case! I had to wait for over 30 mins to get my charger and more back. That's why it's so DANGEROUS! Being greedy as I am, I got myself a Large Mango Tango Joe Latti. Looking at the picture now, I just realized I could have got it as an Italian Ice by itself. Whoops! I think I got confused when the girl asked me what I wanted and the crowd of rambunctious teens behind me didn't help. =P The Joe Latti is the Philadelphia style Italian Ice layered with Real Soft Ice Cream. I was wondering why the Italian Ice came with soft serve! Now it all makes perfect sense. The large size is $1 more than the regular and much bigger so I thought it was worth it. Little did I know that leaving the Joe Latti in the car with my diabetic mother to pick up my charger was a horrible idea! Who knew it would take so long... When I came back all the soft serve was gone and half of my Italian ice!! Oh my! Someone call the doctor! Apparently the ice was so good that she couldn't stop herself and her excuse was that she was "thirsty". lol
The Mango Tango was very flavorful and sweet. All the ices here are said to be made with real fruit and I could taste the mango flavor. The soft serve was very rich and creamy from the little bit I tried. Luckily at the bottom of the cup there was another tiny serving. I like the ice by itself because you can taste the pure flavor of the mango. Yet the creaminess of the soft serve adds another layer to the mango ice. It's as if you were eating those creamsicles they sell in the supermarket but much better! =D I asked the girl what was good and she suggested Mango Tango or Watermelon. She offered a sample and I was immediately sold on the Mango Tango. For me, the Watermelon didn't really taste like watermelon but a mixture of syrup and bubble gum flavor. Still, I was happy with what I got! I actually gave the samples to my Mom and she ate those too!
All in all it was a nice find. If they were closer I'd probably be there a lot when the hot summer weather hits. See how dangerous they can be! I left my Mom, who's like a child, unsupervised and she gobbled it all down! No ounce of remorse at all. It's scary to see what people are like around food. Never block a woman or man from their grub! Believe me, I'd bite your hands off! Did I just say "I"? O=P

Joe's Italian Ice & Petrucci's Ice Cream
12302 Harbor Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92840

(714) 750-1076

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Cookie Sleuth said...

Thanks for all of the pictures. Looks good! I tried to vote for your essay (really enjoyed reading it), but I had trouble signing up... Let me know if there is some way I can sign on...

Kat said...

Thanks! The site is a little tricky. Before you vote you should register for an account. You can FB connect or just sign up for an account with your email. Then press the vote button and it should work. Let me know if this helps! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hello Kat! There is a place in Milpitas, Ca. on Ranch Drive which has a mango ice with mango gell, fresh mango pieces and the option of coconut is cool refreshing and absolutely delicious! If ur ever in Milpitas, try to stop by.

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