Sunday, July 11, 2010

Need to get away? Well I do! It's not that far away from home but I was GLAD to be away. If someone told me that the Hyatt Regency Orange County is really nice, I wouldn't have really listened or believed until now... I was lucky enough to be invited to stay at the Hyatt Regency Orange County. Ms. Lin and I were looking forward to a nice and relaxing stay followed by dinner at TusCA. Growing up in OC, I have stayed at a few hotels but none were as nice as the Hyatt Regency Orange County.
They had just recently spent $25 million renovating the entire place and it shows! On the ground floor they added two new restaurants, TusCA and OC Brewhouse. To sweeten the deal there is a Starbucks open late near the North Tower elevators. After a long day of fun at Disneyland or any other attractions nearby, it is nice to have most everything you need right inside your hotel. Both TusCA and OC Brewhouse are open past 9PM.
As soon as the doors opened I was astonished. The inside atrium looked great. From the outside you wouldn't be able to tell that inside the glass structure was a whole other world. The sun illuminated the atrium. Standing at the bottom, I look up and gaze upon the windows and balconies of the hotel rooms. It's as if I was up in Malibu by the beach with all the palm trees around.
If anyone is as curious as I am... later that night I finally met one of the managers on-site and found out that you can go out on those balconies! The whole day I kept asking Ms. Lin what she thought about them. I was sad that we weren't staying in one of those rooms because it would be so fun! Apparently the balcony doors have sensors and an alert is sent to security if you step out! lol They freak out, but you are allowed to go out... don't know what you would do about security, but I guess it is for your own safety. If I had one of those rooms, I'd be out there all the time scaring them out of their minds. O=D
There are plenty of seating areas for you to relax, unwind, and enjoy the view. Soak in the vibrant colors. The palm trees everywhere embodies the Californian and Los Angeles vibe. Keep a look out for the check-in area because many people over look it. They are not behind the traditional counter here.
I was given a suite with two queen beds. Inside we had a surprise waiting for us. They have a really nice set up for the room. I wish I knew about the VGA and Audio inputs to the TV. Could have watched all the stuff on my laptop on the TV. O=) They offer wireless internet in the hotel that's provided by T-mobile hot spot for $9.99 a day, 24hr-cycle. Another great feature of the room is that they provide a microwave and fridge, which would be very convenient for those who stay longer than a day. I wished I was staying there longer so I can use all the features of the room and to check out their complimentary StayFit Fitness Center. Oh well, maybe next time.
The suite is compartmentalized into two rooms. Instead of a wall separating the two rooms, a glass window allows you to view the entire space in one shot. Ms. Lin and I joked about the glass separator and how you must be really comfortable with your guest because there wouldn't be any privacy. Don't worry, I discovered that it is like a window because it comes with a pull down shade. Of course if there is an exhibitionist within you, feel free to utilize the glass window. ^_-
I enjoyed a nice night of sleep, when I finally went to bed of course. That's when the sun rises, but we were not bothered by the sun since the curtains kept the room dark. I sunk into the soft yet supportive pillows and melted away. When it was time for check out at noon, we were in a deep sleep and didn't want to leave. We called for late check out and stayed until 1pm, which was nice.
The bathroom as nice and clean. They had a variety of amenities, mostly the typical ones you get at every hotel but here they also give toothpaste! YAY! A good one too, which was very convenient. I wished all hotels gave the toothpaste to save me the trouble of carrying one. O=p The shower pressure was good so that we could get squeaky clean.
All in all it was a very enjoyable stay. I am still amazed at how nice the hotel looks from the inside. They are very kid friendly too! Apparently the have "Kid Suites" that have bunk beds. Not that I would want those rooms but very convenient for families visiting and vacationing. I saw in the elevator that they offer free dining for kids under 12 yrs old at TusCA with each adult meal purchased. What a great deal! If I were a parent planning a family trip to Disneyland, this would definitely be a great hotel to stay at. It's close and offers complimentary shuttle service. Beats paying the parking fee at Disneyland. Ms. Lin and I both really enjoyed our stay. She will now be thinking about booking at the Hyatt Regency when they have their annual training at the convention center! Be sure to check it out if you need a place to stay around there as well as walk on down to Joe's Italian Ice. =)
Hyatt Regency Orange County
11999 Harbor Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92840
(714) 750-1234


Blueberry said...

This place looks gorgeous - I'll definitely have to check it out the next time I go to Disneyland!

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