Saturday, July 17, 2010

PK and I really needed something to wash down all the salty food we had at the Wurstküche (will review soon). I had a long drive ahead back down to OC and I wanted a nice pick me up. Since PK's car was near Four Leaf and we passed by them earlier in the day, it only made sense to com here for an after dinner treat. Four Leaf just had their Grand Opening.
There's outside seating on the patio and tables inside. I really enjoyed their light shade so I took pics. The interior had a nice feeling. It's a lot more classy than your everyday milk tea joint. If it wasn't late, I would've enjoyed sitting there munching on my crêpe and enjoying a cool drink. The staff was nice but they messed up my simple order, which I can forgive since they just opened. I ordered a large drink and they gave me a regular. The annoying part was he denied that I ordered a large... I stuck with the regular because I had already paid and didn't want to bother changing the drink. At least PK heard me, but somehow he didn't... oh well.
The drink somehow took a little longer than I imagined. I ordered the Milk Green Tea, which was sweet and flavorful. They must use Ten-Ren or something similar to it. The green tea was aromatic and not overpowering.
I forgive them for their mistake because the crêpe was actually pretty good. The batter they use was very flavorful and it was cooked to perfection. Normally I like my crêpe to be crispy but I decided to just let them make it the way they want and it was just the right chewiness. I'm a little bit weird about my crêpes to be simple and all I wanted in it that night was condensed milk. The prices are very reasonable so I decided to try the crêpe. It's $2.50 for just the crêpe and you can add items to build your own. Since I only had one thing my crêpe was super cheap and well worth it! I wish I knew how good it was to begin with because I would've order 2 or 3 more for home! =D
Funny thing that happened in the car... I ate the crêpe while driving home. Not the best idea by the way! Little did I know that the paper was very thin and did not keep the condensed milk from seeping out. As I was biting into my yummy crêpe, sticky drops of condensed milk began to run down my chin and onto my clothing. Then I suddenly realized that it was dripping from the bottom too! When I got home I was covered in sticky white droplets. You can paint the picture and run wild with it. This did not look good nor very innocent. =P lol Still, the crêpe was delicious and I don't regret it. You know something is good when it gets all over you and you're willing to let that slide.

Four Leaf - Tea & Crêpes

318A E. 2nd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(877) 797-4532


Cookie Sleuth said...

This would save the day for me, too! I'm headed to San Francisco in a couple of weeks. Do you know of any good bakeries I should try? Thanks!

Kat said...

omg there are tons! I wish I wrote about them! =*(

summary -
Kara's Cupcakes is the Sprinkles of the Bay Area

Boulangerie, great macarons

Tartine Bakery, a little overrated and expensive but their croissants are superb!

Golden Gate Bakery, just for the egg tarts

hmmm...Schubert's is famous for their cake on Clement, which was not bad and prices were decent

I haven't been but Citizen's Cake is suppose to be good.

getting late and my brain is shutting down, I'll post more ideas if they come to me =D if you want good eats check out all the SF posts. They have wonderful ice cream up there too!

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Unknown said...

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