Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This is a long overdue post but a post worth the wait. I was so excited to be going to NYC and trying the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. After seeing and hearing about the Choinkwich, I knew I had to have it. How can anyone resist ice cream and BACON! O=9 This truck just sounded like loads of fun. They mix many different ingredients that might sound weird as a topping, but I just found them to be absolutely enticing. I am just tired of the same old flavors and toppings. It was time for something unique and new to invigorate the taste buds. To top things off, the man behind the truck is such a sweet guy that you would want to come visit him all the time!
The easiest stop for me was Broadway and 17th. There is a subway stop nearby, which makes it easy and convenient. You can also grab the ice cream and head back to the park to sit and relax while you eat. As I was making my way across the park there were so many people checking out my goodies! Of course I wouldn't let them get their greedy paws on my goodies. O=9
At first I was only going to get one ice cream and 2 Choinkwiches, but then I saw what they had to offer. I couldn't stop myself from ordering almost everything and holding up the line. There was talk about the Choinkwiches running out if you don't get there early enough and I was crossing my fingers that they would still be available when I got there. Lucky for me that they still had some. I had to make the most of it and ordered 3 off the bat. It's Chocolate Ice Cream and Caramelized Bacon sandwiched between Chocolate Cartwheel Cookies. Does that not sound absolutely heavenly? I am so glad that I was super greedy and ordered a bunch of these. The bacon was perfectly cooked. It's a thick cut full of savory and sweet flavor. The saltiness really complimented the chocolate ice cream flavor and enhanced the texture. I think I might be drooling on my laptop. This was so wonderful that I had to put 2 photos up to pay homage to such a wonderful treat. Even the name is super cute!
The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is known for their unique toppings. They range from Olive Oil & Sea Salt to Cayenne Peppers. One topping that caught my eye was Wasabi Pea Dust. The bright green dust covering the ice cream was just so alluring that I had to try it. I thought that Ms. Lin would really enjoy this mix of savory, sweet, and spice. The sweetness really complimented the wasabi flavor.
While I was looking around at what they had to offer, I happened to come across a tasty treat called the Salty Pimp. The name alone was enough for me to want this dessert. I also thought this would be something that Ms. Lin would really like because it was a combo of Vanilla Ice Cream, Dulce de Leche, Sea Salt, and dipped in Chocolate. She loves salty caramel and I thought this would be right down her alley.
As if I wasn't greedy enough, I also happened to see that they had a Hot Chocolate... It is their home brew mulled with Cayenne and Cinnamon then Honey-Sweetened served over Vanilla Ice Cream affogato-style then topped with Whipped Cream. How could I resist? I am not in NYC a lot so I had to make the most of it. I liked how the spiciness of the cayenne really popped. The hot chocolate was not overly sweet and full of flavor.
Did I mention that I had to carry all this back myself? Hence the stares and many people trying to steal my goodies. I had to balance the trays full of yummy treats through a packed park. It takes talent not to tip the trays while speeding through the park. Was it worth all this effort? You Betcha! I long for the Choinkwich. That bacon was divine. Everything about the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck just brings a smile to my face. It's fun and friendly, you gotta love it! ^_~

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
Broadway & 17th Street
New York, NY 10003
Big Gay Ice Cream Truck on Urbanspoon


Gastronomer said...

The big gay ice cream truck makes me smile.

Unknown said...

Bacon goes with everything! What the heck are you doing in New York?

foodhoe said...

dang that choinkwich sounds unreal! I love the melty chocolate soft serve...

Kat said...

@Gastronomer - I know! I smile when I think about them and drool when I think about the choinkwich! ^_^

@Arlene - I am not in NYC, I wish I was though O=9 Just catching up on posts. Don't worry I am home in the OC near you ^_-

@foodhoe - The choinkwich is unbelievable. A perfect mix of savory and sweet ^_^

Big Gay Ice Cream Man said...

K! I can't find your email address. I love that second picture of the cones in a tray. I wonder if I can get a high-res from you? Would you email me to discuss it?


doug @

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