Saturday, March 20, 2010

What to do when you are stuck in SF and too lazy to walk more than a mile? Luckily Marlowe was nearby and open for lunch. Ms. Lin was starving herself for the Oscars and I wanted at least one decent/fulfilling meal a day. It is too bad that I was not able to try Marlowe's predecessor. They only changed restaurants recently. I swear that when I was up North in January for Avenue Q it was still closed and renovating. Now Marlowe is fully up and running. It is a small cozy place located right by the Cal Train and Academy of Arts.
The server was super friendly and he asked if I would like anything to drink. At first I wasn't planing on anything, but he said they had a special drink of Blood Orange Ice Tea. Before he could finish his sentence, I ordered it. Little did I know that this was $6, but I probably would have still gotten the drink because I love blood oranges. At least it was a half carafe and not just one glass. Inside is Blood Orange, Ice Tea, Mint, and Basil. The combination was very light and refreshing, but I like sweeter drinks. I probably could have added sugar or asked for some, but I decided to enjoy it the way the chef prepared it.
Of course before going I did some research on what dishes people recommend. One thing that caught my eye were the Baked Oysters, $3. It is a new take on New England Clam Chowder, instead of a soup the oyster will be seasoned and flavored like it. I ordered one just to test it out and they are each baked freshly in a cute Staub pan. *Warning* They come out super duper hot so wait a little bit before consumption. I made the wrong choice of trying them shortly after it came out. You can hear the sizzle when the lemon juice dripped rock salt below. Piping hot! The nice crisp layer of chowder on top was only enhanced by a bunch of crisp Bacon chips. *drool drool* I thought this appetizer was unique and fun to eat. When Ms. Lin gets a chance next time, I will have to take her because I think she would really enjoy this baked oyster.
For my main course, I debated between their Poulet Vert and the Marlowe Burger. I asked the server and he suggested that the burger was to die for. Little did he know that I was editing photos from the SoBe Burger Bash. Still, I was open to trying either because I can always come back for the other since Marlowe was so close by. The Marlowe burger comes with Caramelized Onions, Bacon, Shredded Lettuce,Horseradish Aioli, and Fries. I thought the burger was thick and juicy but a little on the bland side. The aioli was good and did help, but I would have probably needed a lot more to complete the taste. I saved a bit of the aioli to dip the fries in. The cheese was flavorful and nicely melted, it was actually more flavor than the meat. Still, it was a juicy decent burger and I texted Trekkie to let him know what I was eating as well as make him jealous. O=) Was this the best burger I have had? Not even close, but it was decent. It was actually pretty big and I was stuffed after finishing it off.

All in all it was a good lunch. It is close and convenient. No fuss, no muss. The server was friendly and it was a nice quiet lunch. I will probably be back again for the baked oyster and to try the poulet vert. The prices for lunch are pretty reasonable and the portions are pretty good. Though I wasn't able to try Marlowe's predecessor, I am glad they have joined the neighborhood to add some variety and more choices for lunch.

330 Townsend
San Francisco
, CA 94107
(415) 974-5599

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