Monday, March 8, 2010

burgers, Burgers, BURGERS! As you can see from the previous posts that Ms. Lin and I were being stuffed to the brink! If we were wearing buttoned pants, they would have burst a long time ago! ^_^ Nearing the end I just ran around and grabbed a few more burgers as we were heading out of the tent. One name that caught my attention was the Love Shack located in Fort Worth, TX. They offered a Dirty Love Burger, but it differed a lot from the description on our menu. The burger they served had Shredded Lettuce, Tomato, American Cheese, Love Sauce, and supposedly Applewood Smoked Wild Boar Bacon. I don't remember seeing such a delicious bacon on their sign, because it would have stood out and I would have eaten a bunch of these. O=9 There were suppose to be a lot of great sides listed, but I didn't see any of that either. It could be that it was getting close to the end of the night and a lot of items were already gone. So the lesson here is you got to hit up all these stations early and fast before the goodies run out. After the event, I saw on the local news that by the end of the night there were barely any burgers left. The reported could only scrounge up 4 burgers to try. Tip, if you plan to go then buy the VIP tickets. Sure, it is not cheap but the price difference will be well worth it. I wish I used my VIP tickets to the fullest, but I was out exploring and didn't get back until late. =*(
Last but not least is Bill's Bar Burger from NYC serving Bill's Classic with American Cheddar. The components are very simple and that piece of bacon sticking out was just too tempting. They spice and season their meat. The burger looked nice and juicy. Even if I am stuffed to the brim, I can always make a little more room for that bacon and juicy meat. ^_^ Again, since it was towards the end there was no sides left.
Finally we made our way out of the tent where the desserts are right before the exit. We noticed Jean Georges Restaurant from NYC was there and we thought it would be a burger but it is the Pastry Chef again. They were serving the Crunchy Chocolate Peanut Butter and Jelly Pop again. We saw him at the Sweet event in NYC a few months ago. I wished they served a savory dish but it is always good to just have them there. It reminds me a little of Elvis' favorite PB&J with Banana when I eat this, but of course with a couture touch. Only I ate it because Ms. Lin is not a big fan of peanut butter. Don't worry she went to line up for some cookies at Levain Bakery also from NYC. I guess it was a walk down memory lane since we saw them both at the Sweet event in NYC and we also have been to both locations. The cookies were as big as we remember and just as tasty. They were rich and chocolatey. O=9 This time I had it fresh so it was just the right balance of chewy on the outside and soft in the center.
To finish the evening off, we lined up for Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams that came all the way from Columbus, Ohio. The line was long and a bit unruly coming from every angle but that was the theme of the night. I stepped out of the box and asked for more. Most people seemed to be asking for one flavor but I asked if I could have 2 flavors and the guy said sure... hey it never hurts to ask. O=9 The worst thing he could do is say no and maybe ... give me a smaller scoop? eek lol I decided to get the Salty Caramel and Brown Butter Almond Brittle. Ms. Lin could not pass up a chance at Salty Caramel and she followed my lead by asking for Cocoa Zin as well. The ice cream was sweet, thick, and creamy. I had a few bites and was sweeted out. If only I had a blender and milk to make a yummy shake.
As you can see it was an awesome night of food and fun. The band was really great that night and you could feel the vibes flowing through the tent. Everyone was getting down and having fun and enjoying great food. I had a great time meeting all the chefs as they were all friendly and made us delicious burgers. After this night's event, I can totally see why everyone thinks the Burger Bash is the best event. It is a lot of fun and burgers. The tickets are usually sell out first, so be sure to get on it and buy them fast when you see any Wine and Food Festival event! ^_^


Pooch Purple Reign said...

it all looks decadent and awesome.

Kat said...

Thanks ^_^

It was a very fun and happening event with great food.

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