Tuesday, February 16, 2010

By chance I had been planning to visit Ms. Lin in SF and I got an e-mail from Foodbuzz saying that they were having an open house for food bloggers. I was super ecstatic about the coincidence and e-mailed them right away to see if I could bring Ms. Lin along for the event. They were super friendly and quick to respond. Alex was glad to have me bring a fellow food blogger along. It was a sunny day and we found parking a few blocks away up a hill. There were a few taco trucks on the way and we thought about trying them but they were gone by the time we left. =*( The Foodbuzz head quarters was a little hard to find at first as we walked by it, but we were able to find them after we turned around. There were a good amount of food bloggers and staff there. It was awesome meeting everyone. They were all so sweet and nice! I found the whole afternoon super enjoyable, almost didn't want to leave! ^_^
The best part was they had lunch served there. Throughout the day they had different small events to partake as you meet the staff and other food bloggers. Ms. Lin and I chose lunch to be the most convenient time, which probably turned out to be the best. They were serving some homemade Grape and White Pepper drink. At first I thought this sounded gross and a little weird, but Alex really sold it. She said it was delicious and she was correct! It was so delicious and refreshing! I still need to make this at home because it made me a believer. Normally I am not a big fan of grapes but the combination of sweet and pepper spice was perfection. If the Greek God's Ambrosia actually existed, I'd imagine it would taste similar to this. O=9
They had Naked Lunch brought in. Ms. Lin and I had never heard of this place but it sounded interesting. I am not big on sandwiches normally but I read online that they were known for their Foie Gras Sandwich so I was hoping that is what they served that day. Alas it was not what I'd hoped for, but what they had was wonderful! To my surprise these sandwiches were to die for. They only had 2 choices, Cheese Sandwich or Chorizo Sandwich. We grabbed one of each to share and chose to eat the Cheese Sandwich first because it probably wouldn't be as good. As it turns out, this one was the best! It was filled with Chevre Cheese, a type of goat cheese, that stood out strongly from the sandwich in a great way. The cheese really enhanced the oven roasted Tomatoes, Pesto, and Spinach. Everything came together in harmony. I was so tempted to grab some more. O=9
There was only 1 Chorizo Sandwich left and we were quick to grab it. After the delectable Cheese Sandwich we were eagerly anticipating the next sandwich. It was not quite what we expected but still good. There was melted cheese inside, ironically not in the Cheese Sandwich. This was actually full of meat but I have to agree with Ms. Lin that there wasn't really any spice or kick from the chorizo. I still think they were both great sandwiches but the Cheese Sandwich was definitely the clear winner. Actually after we left everyone, Ms. Lin and I looked up Naked Lunch's number to call them for an order. Sadly, they were out of the Foie Gras Sandwich. =**( We were so disappointed and sad about not being able to continue our splendid sandwich experience. **Don't worry I made it a goal to try them out and I have been 2x O=), which I will post later**

Thanks to Foodbuzz and Naked Lunch for the great experience. It was wonderful to meet the staff behind the magic and to meet so many wonderful fellow foodies that I hope to become great pals with! ^_^

Naked Lunch
504 Broadway
San Francisco, CA 94133

(415) 577-4951
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H. C. said...

Thanks for the heads-up about Naked Lunch, another place to add to my to-try list

Kat said...

Ha ha no prob. It is pretty darn good! O=9 Hope you have been doing well! They are only open Mon-Fri for lunch only so it is sometimes hard to go, but worth it. They change their menu daily and you can always find it online. It is always fun and new! ^_^

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