Monday, November 2, 2009

We were tricked. I was especially misled and made the wrong choice to follow my Mom and Aunt to Home Town Buffet. They were super stoked about the coupon, but they didn't read the coupon clearly. It ended up being way more than it is worth. We basically paid 2 full priced dinner and the "deal" price. For the price and value I was going to walk away because I didn't think it was worth it but they still wanted to stay and eat there. In the end I still didn't have to pay but I think it is a waste of their money. Even though it was in between lunch and dinner time, there was still a decent amount of people inside. The people who work there aren't friendly and there isn't much service, but what can you expect. It is pretty much self-serve and fend for yourself.
What are the choices there? It is pretty much all junk food and food that has been sitting out for a really really long time. They had a bunch of meats to choose from, but nothing you can't make better or would write home about. There were giant slops of beef ribs, fried chicken, ham, chicken fried steak, and more. I wish I could say heart attackingly good, but you would probably only just get a heart attack and unsatisfied. Usually I don't mind fatty or junk food, if it is good... but here... nah! This is the funny thing though, I thought the best thing I had there was their grilled cheese sandwich! I think this turned out to be leftovers from the lunch time because they took it away and I was saddened because that was the only thing I found edible. =*( You know it is sad that I pick the non-meat item as what is the best there.
None of us really liked the food there but a lesson learned, right? We all agreed that it was not good but my Aunt has been psychotic enough to suggest we all go for brunch on the weekend... I said WHAT? Why would you go back? She actually thinks it is different. It will be better for breakfast... umm... delusional? Even though people think it is a better deal to go to these buffet places, it really isn't. I can't remember how much was dinner but it was at least about $12-$13. For that price I can go to a lot of local restaurants or mom & pop shops and get food I actually like! It's not always about quantity when the quality is so low. I will stick to my cheap eats thanks.

Home Town Buffet
24381 El Toro Rd
Laguna Woods, CA 92637
(949) 595-0971
Home Town Buffet on Urbanspoon


Unknown said...

It is one of my favorite places to eat with family and friends. Sure a lot of the food isn't good. But a lot is. Turkey is always moist. Chicken noodle is one of the best. And the chicken and dumplings are amazing. They have amazing BBQ tri tip too! The desert bar is vast and the beverages even include icees. So I don't know what you are talking about. I think you just walked into this place with an unfair bias

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