Friday, January 1, 2010

As many of you know, I LOVE my Sugar Cane Juice. I am always on a hunt for delicious sugar cane juice and a good price. KFP recommended Fresh Roast a while back. I've probably passed this place a million times and never noticed it. One day I decided that it was time we try this place. If you read Chinese, it says right in the front that they serve sugar cane juice. I took Ms. Lin on my first visit. When you walk in you get a whiff of herbs from the surroundings. That actually kind of put me off but as you walk further in the place it feels very quaint. The surroundings and decor do produce a calming feel and it is extremely quiet there so you can study or just surf the internet. There are also computers in the back that allow customers to go online and I am sure they offer wireless internet as I saw some customers with laptops open.
The people were friendly. Ms. Lin and I decided to get 2 Large Sugar Cane Juices. The prices were a bit steeper than what I am use to. Still, this is pure sugar cane juice. The first time I decided not to get any kumquat juice in sugar cane and Ms. Lin did the same thing. I thought the flavor was waaaay too much and it was different from the Vietnamese sugar cane juice that I usually get. This sugar cane juice tasted more waxy and potent. I was not a big fan and gave my drink to Ms. Lin. Even though I didn't quite like it the first time, I have been back to give it a second try. This is one of the rare times I think kumquat juice inside helps mellow the flavor, but I still taste that waxy feel. It is most likely the type of sugar cane used that makes the difference. The first time we bought this drink, Ms. Lin watered it down because it was so strong and luckily we grow tons of kumquats in our backyard for her to add in! ^_^ Even though it is different from the Vietnamese sugar canes I have had, it is still worth a try. I would recommend it if someone asks.
This picture had to be used because they are cute yet scary! These turtles are right at the register when you pay. I thought they looked cute and were extremely lively. Although the look in their eyes at times.... eek! lol They are saying, "You better pay up!" lol
Fresh Roast
308 S San Gabriel Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 451-5918
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