Thursday, February 11, 2010

It was pouring that night, 1/17/10. I was starting to regret that I came out with Ms. Lin to East Bay. Do I really want to trudge around in this horrid weather? Was there really any places worth this pain? If you read my review of Grégoire before, you'd know I would say no... but I actually liked Cheeseboard Pizza. They are very reminiscent of Arizmendi. There is only one type of pizza made a day and that's the only choice you get. When we arrived there was a line outside the door and the rain was coming down but luckily the line was moving very fast. There is a small fridge on the right side where they have a few selections of drinks to choose from and I immediately grabbed the Orangina as Ms. Lin tried a Ginger soda. **blech** lol They had a live band playing and the place was PACKED! There was either a person standing in any open space or people were crunched up around the tables. The place is small and there was limited seating but everyone seemed like they were having tons of fun. Ms. Lin and I just stood and ate our pizza by the water. Got to make do with what you can get.
That night the pizza available was an Asiago Cheese and Eggplant Pizza. Many of you might not know but Ms. Lin disdains eggplant so I was thinking that this will turn out interesting. She ate it and enjoyed it. I actually found the oil they glistened on top of the pizza to be extremely fragrant and the pizza was very tasty. Everything from smell to taste came together nicely. We both enjoyed that they gave you a big slice of pizza with a smaller cute slice on top. The pizza on the cheese was delicious and flavorful. I thought the pizza had just the right amount of seasoning and saltiness. Once I found the station with the Parmesan cheese to add on, it got even better. O=)

All in all the pizza was great and for a great price. It is just simple goodness. I could see why this place would be a hot spot for locals and college students. Normally I hate crowded places or waiting in lines, but this place had a great energy flow. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and the people there were friendly. Would I drive all the way to East Bay just for this, heck no... but the next time I am in the area I will definitely keep in mind to come try some other yummy pizza creations and to pick myself up some more Orangina. Mmmm. Speaking of which, I need to go buy some and stock up at home! lol If you are in the Berkeley area and hankering for a snack, be sure to drop by here. ^_-

Cheeseboard Pizza
1512 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94709

(510) 549-3055

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Ms. Lin said...

Yummy pizza - it was pretty fun!

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