Monday, November 16, 2009

I wonder how many hours I spend thinking about where I would be eating for a meal or where my friends would like or where we should end up going. Man, I must spend half my life think about food and the other half... eating it! lol O=9 Actually, it is sad... but I think we think about food or where we should go more than anything. That is the case for me. MBA and I always have a difficult time deciding where to eat but wanting to stay close, have it be a good deal, and taste good! It is like catching lightening in a bottle or finding the perfect man! Needless to say, we weren't ever going to reach the end of the rainbow for that pot of gold. For the longest time we thought about where to go and we couldn't come into agreement. I want something at least halfway decent and she wants a good deal. O=9 After wracking our brains on places nearby, I actually thought of one that turned out good. Ironically this is right next to MBA's work and she has yet to try the newly opened California Fish Grill, well not so new now 1/23/10. I have been to the one in Irvine a few times and it has always been a hit with my friends. Too bad I didn't come here earlier because they had a coupon ad a while back when they first opened to attract business. Now they don't need it because they are pretty packed.
Somehow my luck has been hit or miss with the Irvine location. The first time I went I had the fried shrimp and found out that I should have gotten the Mahi Mahi. Then the second time I had Mahi Mahi with Tofu, I wish I had the Orange Roughy. Somehow I am always one step behind on the yummy fish. This time I saw that they had White Roughy and I pondered if I should give the Mahi Mahi another try. Good thing that I tried the White Roughy with Garlic Butter and Fries. It was tender and delicious, just right this time. Yay I finally got/won the best dish. MBA asked me if she should get Salmon or Mahi Mahi and I gave her a look, then told her that she shouldn't waste such a meal out on Salmon. You can get that anywhere and make it at home easily. Luckily she listened to me and she really enjoyed the Cajun Mahi Mahi, but she didn't follow my Garlic Butter lead. You bet she will be back again with her co-workers and she will try it my way next. ^_- The tenderness of the fish varies with who cooks it but the fish is always fresh and simple. What makes everything better are the prices. You get a decent fillet for under $10. My dish was only $7.99, can't beat that for a filling seafood dinner meal!

California Fish Grill
41 Auto Center Drive, Suite 113
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

(949) 470-9600
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