Wednesday, September 2, 2009

After Ms. Lin brought back a bento back to the apt awhile back, I've been craving the bento combo that Marina Food offers. They actually have a decent food court/prepared food and cheap! =9 If you shop in the supermarket and spend a certain amount, they will give you these money vouchers that you can spend in the food court. So if you need to do some shopping then here is the perfect place. You can collect a bunch of these vouchers and save them to use another night for yourself or your family. O=)
The service here is your typical Asian place. I didn't like the lady that helped me. There was no one around and she sounded super pissed. The worst part is she skimped on my bento! I got a 3-item combo for $5.99. My choices were Lemon Chicken, Chicken Wings, Salt & Pepper Shrimp, and Huo Phen. She actually gave me 5 shrimps and only 3 tiny wings! =*( I was mainly there for the yummy wings! *sobs* The lemon chicken didn't taste like lemon chicken, it was bright red, and it was cold. It almost felt like sweet & sour chicken. They also give you a cup of soup and I chose the Hot & Sour soup. The truth is everything is just aiight but it's a great deal! ^_^
My main purpose coming here was for the wings. I debated and debated as I sat their eating... darn it! I want me some wings! lol I decided to ask how much it was to buy just wings. The lady said $4.99-$6.99 depending on the box size. I decided to go with the biggest size, 32 oz., and to my surprise she packed a lot of wings inside. My eyes were wide open like a kid in the candy shop. =) (well it was $7) Then I went to checkout, the cashier charged me $11.99! I was in shock and told her the other lady said it would be $6.99. Eventually they gave me the promised price. If it was $11.99, I wouldn't have bought it! For $7, I was satisfied about the amount of wings. This made up for my sad 3 piece wings in the box! lol I ate the wings on the plane and again the next day. O=9


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