Saturday, January 2, 2010

It is sad to say but I never have anything to bring for lunch so I am forced to stay within a mile radius of my school and scavenge for food. The worst part is there aren't many good choices around. =*( At least I am always on an adventure and trying stuff that I have never had before. Sadly... it's been a lot of chains and fast food! lol The owners of the this particular L & L Hawaiian Barbecue must be Chinese as they give free Egg Drop Soup with the plates. They also serve other Asian dishes on top of the Hawaiian BBQ.
I ordered the BBQ Mix Plate that contains Beef, Short Ribs, and Chicken. The plate includes a Macaroni Salad, Rice, and remnants of a Salad. It's all about the Macaroni Salad. They do have a good one. There really is more chicken than anything else in the combo. You only get one big piece of short rib. I'm not a big fan of their "special" teriyaki sauce grilled and sadly you get the most of that. >=P I feel the chicken is not that flavorful and it is really just a filler. The short rib is tender and flavorful. I think the beef absorbs more flavor because they are thinly sliced and the textured groove allows more sauce to seep in. It's probably better for me to just order stuff I like to eat rather than a combo... yet I will probably never learn. O=9
My favorite thing about Hawaiian BBQ is Spam Musubi! How can you go wrong with seared Spam on top of Rice and wrapped in Seaweed? If they only gave more Spam!!! They really skimp on the quantity of meat and chunk it up with tons of rice. The second time around I decided not to order it because it's not worth the price. I can get my own can of Spam for about the same price and make tons of Spam Musubi. It really isn't that hard to make but it sure is delicious to eat! O=9
All in all it's a good place to grub if you are in the mood for meat. The prices are reasonable and affordable. I saw that my friends got the single items and they all cost under $5, which I thought wasn't a bad deal. With it you get rice and macaroni salad... hmm maybe I should have that for lunch tomorrow. O=)

L & L Hawaiian Barbecue
1945 E 17th St
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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