Friday, October 16, 2009

This was my first trip to Joan's on Third. Honeybee recommended to meet up here for a quick snack whilst Ms. Lin and I were up in LA. We were actually really lucky and found parking right in front. The first thing we see are these cute fake cow figures. I had to take pictures of them to pay homage to Ms. Lin. Joan's on Third is actually a market, deli, dessert, and food service place. You can sit outside and enjoy the weather or there are tables inside as well. As I walked in with my camera the guy at the dessert counter says no pictures to me immediately. This caught me a bit off guard and I was super annoyed. If we weren't meeting Honeybee I would have left because I found it rude and stupid... but luckily the guy wasn't rude when we ordered. The pictures of the gelato were all taken outside. >=P I will always find a way around the rules. Once I buy anything, I can do whatever I want.
So the 3 of us decided to each get a gelato. The guy at the counter was actually pretty nice about trying the flavors and recommending combos. If he didn't I would totally slam them, but I'm fair if the food is good. Ms. Lin and I decided to try out 2 flavors. We chose Chocolate and Strawberry. The chocolate gelato was super thick and rich. It started off tasty but we both started to get sweeted out and argued who would finish it. =9 The strawberry was much lighter and had a nice flavor. We were not overwhelmed by the richness and sweetness, it was very refreshing. Honeybee was super sweet to buy us the gelato and sharing her cupcakes. No pictures were taken because I didn't feel like walking outside just to do it. >=P They were not bad but nothing special.
Since we kept eating so many sweets, we asked for water and a guy kindly brought us bottle. The service there seems pretty friendly, except the bad first impression. Still, glad that we made it through to try them out and mark them off my list. It seems like Joan's on Third is an iconic place to go or at least visit once in LA. Before that day, I didn't even know of their existence but now that I have been... somehow I am always doing something nearby and notice them all the time. Maybe one day I will go back to try out some of their hot foods.
Joan's on Third

8350 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 655-2285
Joan's on Third in Los Angeles

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