Saturday, November 28, 2009

Leave it to Asians to come up with inventive ways of spelling. Corea BBQ is located inside the Freshia market off of Red Hill in Tustin. This was the first time I went to the Freshia in Tustin. Stacy 2 **inside joke** took me there for lunch while running errands... umm during class! O=9 Tsk tsk! lol It is good that I had her around because there was a little bit of a language barrier because I asked for a substitution. Having her around made life easier. Don't worry, if you don't speak Korean they have tons of pictures of the food up so you can just point and order. ^_-
The weather had been cold and the flu had been virulent throughout... Stacy 2 needed something hot to warm her and keep the flu at bay. She was in the mood for some kind of soup. In the end she decided to get the Ox Tail Bone Soup. Rice comes with the soup so that you can just dump it in and eat it together. The soup was thick and hearty but on the bland side. I personally like soups to be more flavorful and rich. This soup was rich in another way and could be seasoned to add more flavor.
As for me, I am a meat girl! O=9 That day I was looking for some Spicy Cold Noodles. My favorite one, which I still need to blog about it, is the one I get at the Korean bath house on Beach Blvd. The picture they had up wasn't too distinguishable on what type of noodles that it was made with. I was going to order spicy cold noodles and some type of meat. Luckily Stacy 2 was there and recommended that I get the Cold Noodles and Any BBQ Combo. I told her that I wanted spicy and that was just regular cold noodles so she just asked them for me. This is where having someone who can bridge the language gap comes in handy. So they let me choose any noodle and any bbq all for ~$8.50 before tax. The noodles were not what I expected. They were much thinner and not as chewy as the type of cold noodles I am used to. Apparently Stacy 2 told me that these were the typical noodles that come in the type of spicy noodle I ordered. C'est la vie! I tried to eat as much as I can but boy do they give a HUGE PILE of noodles. Normally for cold noodles they give scissors to cut the chunk of noodles into smaller piles, but it was a huge clump here. Needless to say, I had TONS of leftover noodles. ^)^ As for the BBQ, I chose Kalbi (Galbi) because that is the most expensive and tasty! The trade off is that you get a lot less meat. The flavor was good and it really hit the spot. I liked that they gave me the cup of broth to go with everything. It really hit the spot in the cold weather.

All in all I thought for the price and portion... not bad! I have already been back once more and I took some other classmates on another umm "school" trip. O=9 Of course you can buy the marinated meat from the supermarket that you are already in and cook it at home yourself too... which I did buy as well... tons of BBQ for me I guess. Mmm! It is convenient if you are just looking for a quick fix and a reasonable price. I recommend that you order first and then go shop around the grocery store so that you maximize your time. ^_^

Corea BBQ
14551 Red Hill Ave
Tustin, CA 92780

(714) 508-0024


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