Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It was quite an adventurous day. I brought PK up to LA to meet up with Burumun and our other friend for some fresh seafood. After our foodie adventures in LA, PK and I went to the Korean Bath Spa together. We decided that before we go in that we were thirsty and in need of liquids! As we were getting closer to our destination we passed by Coffee Zone. We figured they would be able to satiate our thirst and I can also dig in on the seafood I bought. The place looks fine on the inside, but we decided to sit outside since I have "outside" food and I don't want to disrespect the place by eating inside. Boy was that a mistake. Take my advice... sit inside! We had a huge fiasco that day. lol
We chose the Taro Snow Bubble with Tapioca and the Mocha flavor. The drinks were only so-so really and they weren't that cheap. I think next time I should drive down a little more and go to Boba Loca instead... So what happened outside... we were sitting there and this crazy drunk guy was asking for change. I just kindly declined and PK... well... I would blame her if anything happened! lol She was funny but I felt a bit unsafe... it's not like this is a dangerous neighborhood or the safest but boy was that guy confrontational! There were a few Korean guys nearby and they said no, then the guys got into a sort of argument... then... the guy comes back to us AGAIN to ask and make comments... then... PK went off on him. It was actually kind of funny to watch her reaction, but I was like ummm the guy is drunk and crazy so we should just ignore him or let it go. In the end we made it out fine but chalk it up to another memorable experience! lol I laughed about it as I reiterated it to Ms. Lin... but I definitely wasn't as calm as it happened. O=)

Coffee Zone

8939 Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92844
(714) 539-3759

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