Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When I was at college BJ's Restuarant & Brewery had not become such a big chain. I'd go there occasionally between classes or even skip classes. O=) For a long time coming I have not been that big of a fan since a horrid experience. The only time I really go back is for the Pizookie, which you can easily make at home, or when Ms. Lin begs and agrees to pay for the me. =9 After a long argument of where to eat, I finally caved in and agreed to go with her. The closest one is the one near Laguna Hills Mall that replaced Gordon Biersch. I have been to this location many times before and have never really liked it either so I make it really hard for Ms. Lin to get me to go. =P
We were seated pretty quick. They use to be busier when they were new but they still have a good flow of business since this is the right target neighborhood. Ms. Lin already knew what she wanted and we always get the same things, but this time she REALLY REALLY wanted Mozzarella Sticks. If I had to split the bill, I would've denied her the joy but since it was free for me... whatever floats her boat! lol It wasn't that good and pretty pricey for what it is. The Marinara sauce was decent and we were able to get another helping. I felt like the mozzarella sticks were at the level of cheap frozen mozzarella sticks that were tossed in the fryer. They still had that wet goopy water inside them when you bite in. Needless to say it was a bit of a waste to order these but at least Ms. Lin got her fill for now.
For our main course we got the usual pizza half & half with The Great White and Buffalo Chicken. While we were waiting for our food to come we heard the table behind us. Our waiter told them of the current deal that they were offering. For $20 you get a medium pizza to share, salad, and drinks. He never offered us this deal! BOOOOO! lol We were joking about taking it out from his tip! Making us spend more, BOoOOOO! Now back to the pizza. I don't know, but my tastebuds have outgrown this tired chain. Recently I have had pizza from Chicago and it really doesn't even hold a candle to the yummy goodness from the real place. In fact, Ms. Lin has my next batch of pizza in her house right now. ^_^ I asked for extra garlic in my Great White as always, but the pizza was extremely bland. Ms. Lin liked the Buffalo Chicken but I found the sauce to have a weird sweet tangy flavor. It was more like barbecue sauce to me. At least they had a decent amount of ingredients on top. I tried to add different sauces to make the pizza more edible to me but in the end I just sat there and watched Ms. Lin eat.
The main reason I would even consider agreeing to come here is to have the Pizookie! lol Even though it is super easy to make it at home but eating it there just has its appeal. Also, I am a lazy person. O=9 For those that don't know of the Pizookie, it is just a fresh baked cookie that's not baked all the way through and topped with a Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. ^_^ We always get the Black & White when we are together. I told Ms. Lin that she had to eat the Chocolate Chip side because it is too sweet for me and I like the White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut side. It is best to eat the Pizookie while it is piping hot from the oven and before the cookie becomes hard. I think it's a great way to end the meal.

All in all I just don't like their food anymore. Service was not that great and we were jipped out of the deal! lol Even though I didn't pay, it could have saved Ms. Lin some dough! lol Would I come back if somebody didn't pay for me? Heck No! Well, maybe for the Pizookie! lol For the food, ummm not likely. I won't go for friends, only go for Ms. Lin. *You better feel special!* lol

BJ's Restaurant & Brewery

24032 El Toro Rd
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949) 900-2670

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