Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I happened to come across Which Wich while purchasing food from L&L Hawaiian BBQ. Since my meal was decided for that day, I made it a point to come back again to give them a try. They have a very interesting set up that may take some getting used to. There are bags separated into groups on the left side where you pick the type of sandwich/category and start marking your choices with the red sharpies. You can mark what components you would like to add into your sandwich. Then bring it to the register to make the purchase. You can also make it a combo for $2.50 or $3.50 more. For $2.50, you can get a soda + chips or a fresh baked cookie and $3.50 gets you a small smoothie + chips or a fresh cookie. After seeing the sign for making it a combo, I decided to take up this deal. Darn my impulse buying behavior! O=)
It was hard to choose which wich to eat! =P In the end I went a complete 180 degrees with my choices and listened to the lady's suggestion of meat. What actually got me to change my choice was because all the meats used are deli meat! At first I though the Chicken Salad I chose was the only one that was real chicken chunks... but as I found out while eating, it is cubed chunks of deli meat as well. >_<# Oh well, you couldn't quite taste the texture difference after all the components so it's all good to me. lol I smartly chose to add Pesto sauce, Mayo, Crispy Onion, extra Garlic, and Tomato. It's simple and the flavors were perfect to my own liking. The pesto sauce & garlic really stood out and were well flavored. Breath mint please! lol The crispy onion really added to the texture by giving it a crunch. The flavors were so strong together that the crunchy onions almost reminded me of crispy BACON! Mmmm good. O=D The tomatoes were great to add a sweet acidity into the mix. I think I lucked out that day with my choice and whoever made my sandwich didn't skip on the sauce. For my drink, I chose the Oreo shake. It was blended very smoothly and on the spot. I thought it was super sweet at first but then the flavors started to come out more. The more I drank, the more I liked it. Still, I don't know if it is worth the extra price but at least I tried it. ^_^ The smoothie was a good dessert during and after the sandwich. All in all my sandwich was good. Do note that my friend who was with me did not like her sandwich, but I think she just chose the wrong components. Their sandwich is not the greatest in the world but the flavor and taste of my sandwich was solid. Now onto the price... it's $5.25 for all sandwiches. I took a picture to try and show how big it really was. My hands are actually very small for my height and the sandwich was almost the same length as my hand. >_< Subway has the $5 footlongs that are double the size or Le Diplomat comes close too. So it's your call if the sandwich at Which Wich is worth the price difference for you! =9
Which Wich
1945 E 17th suite 106 92701
Santa Ana, CA
(714) 953-9900
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Kat said...

I am very upset today! I went their for lunch and thought... got to get the same sammy... BooOoooOo what better way than to complain on my own website! lol

They SKIMPED on my ingredients! I wanted extra pesto sauce and got NONE! The sandwich ended up being super salty and flat.... =*( Then I tried to call their number on their receipt all day... uh they need to change that number b/c it is their fax number! Lame! I finally got through and we will see what they do... >=S grrrrr

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