Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I have to give credit to Ivan for introducing me to Pizza and Chicken Love Letters. At first the title made me stop and ponder, but I had to try out this new fad of Korean fusion. He had me at Bulgogi Pizza. lol One day after I was in the area after a relaxing day at a Korean bath spa I decided to head on over for some good eats. It wasn't very close but I already decided to try it out. Little did I know there is another location close by. At least I have tried multiple locations now, but this one was my first. ^_^ They weren't very busy since I went mid-afternoon. There were so many choices and there were good combo deals as well. Of course I was there on a day where there were no deal and at a time where there is no discount! =*( Still, I was on a mission to try out all the things that my friend recommended and what people raved about.
At first I didn't see the Pizza Egg Rolls on the menu separately and I didn't want the combo it was in. Luckily I asked the people there if I can order it separately and they agreed. They came out piping hot and nicely fried. Impatiently I took the first bite into the piping hot mess. The egg roll skin was very nice, but I thought the flavor was lacking. Maybe the skin overtook the taste of the ingredients. Still, I can't deny fried and melted cheese. It's still good to try it for yourself. If only I had some marinara sauce to dip it in, it would kick it up a notch.
They are called Pizza AND Chicken Love Letters, so I had to try both! ^_^ I ordered a full sized Sweet Garlic Chicken. Maybe I ordered a bit too much, but that's just the way I roll. O=9 The chicken is chopped up into parts, battered, and drizzled with a sweet mild sauce that is said to be made with over 20 different vegetables. I took everything home but made sure to take a bite when it was fresh to give a fair rating. The chicken was nicely flavored and still had a mild bite even with the sauce. It's a very nice tangy sweet sauce that makes the chicken pop. The chicken was very tender, juicy, and hot! If you like Korean wings and at a good price, then this is the place for you.
Last but not least was the Bulgogi Pizza. I had been looking forward to this because the notion sounded very interesting. Like Kogi's Taco Truck, it's a mix of cultures that don't seem to mesh at first look but turn out to be a good mix. Maybe I was a bit zealous about trying this and had too high of an expectation. It looked good, but I was a bit disappointed in the amount of Bulgogi that was given. I already had a feeling that you could not taste the flavor of the meat and I was right. Still, the pizza texture was good but the flavor fell a little short. I actually can't even remember much of the taste. Maybe if there were more ingredients I would like it more, but that didn't stop me from trying their pizza again at the closer location. Despite everything, I still think that it is an interesting try and a great place for a group of friends to gather late at night. It is definitely good night food and a great place to just lay back with some good friends. ^_^

Pizza & Chicken Love Letters
12238 Artesia Boulevard
Artesia, CA 90701
(562) 402-8000
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