Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ice Cream & Cafe really brings back a lot of childhood memories. I remember that this was the first place that made me fall in love with Beef in Sesame Pocket. The place has not changed much. It really is just a hole in the wall. There are only a few tables to sit and eat but luckily it's never that busy. This time around we were just strolling around and wanted some shaved ice. It might not be as tasty as the one from SinBala or the one from Half & Half, but it's good in its own way and cheaper.
What I have always liked from this place is the simplicity and cheap prices. Of course they are no longer as cheap as when I was a child but still a good deal in the area. We got the Shaved Ice and you can choose your toppings. When I was really young, I never chose any topping. All I want on it is the Sugar Syrup and Condensed Milk. ^_^ That is all you need to make it yummy! lol
You can't see the toppings but they were on the bottom, but I provided different shots of the yummy top! It's obvious what makes the shaved ice.... mMmMM good. I wish we had more shaved ice places that are actually good down in OC! In the end I gave away my toppings, which were never on top but on the bottom... lol I just like eating/drinking the sweet shaved ice. All in all it's a good place just for a quick snack at a reasonable price. Is it to die for? Nah, but it does its job. ^_-

108 Ice Cream & Cafe

140 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 288-7088
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