Friday, May 29, 2009

Since I couldn't go to Yi Mei today, I just had this craving for "Fen Tuan" that needed to be satiated! lol To be honest, I rather brave Yi Mei even though it was shut down by the Health Department. O=P It has been a very long time since I went to Yung Ho to get breakfast food because I have heard about how it has gone downhill and I think my family has had it too without going back as well. Since it was such last minute that I couldn't plan the day out and I only knew of Yung Ho for breakfast food. I wish I knew where other breakfast places were nearby. =*( They were not busy around 5 PM. I have always looked at it when I went to Lu Gi or Bamboodles, but never really went there since the other two places are better. Sadly today Bamboodles ran out of their $1 deal since they were making a limited dessert they only made 60 portions. Lame! lol
Onto the food. I wanted to be smart in trying them again so I decided to just order one and see how it tastes before ordering a bunch for home. Little did I know that my Mom would have a really big mouth and tell them, then chat them up. She even started to spread the news of Yi Mei to everyone lol. I thought the "Fen Tuan" was a bit on the salty side. Normally I like things full of flavor and salty is good but this was way too salty. The Chinese Doughnut inside wasn't that crispy, there was not enough of Dried Pork Sung to balance out the saltiness, and the Salted/Pickled Vegetables inside were way overpowering. Their portion is pretty good and they were friendly since my family chatted them up... but that doesn't make good food or good reviews for me. Sorry.
I was very happy to hear that they had the Rolled Pancake with Beef and ordered one to try. They kind of messed up what I mean and got it to go but I took a bite immediately after I stepped out so I can judge it fairly. This definitely mixed the mark because it was just Marinated Beef and a Sweet Spicy Sauce. Umm.... I have never had it sweet. This was quite odd in my opinion. Usually the meat is flavorful and salty, of course just the right amount, and balanced out with Green Onions or some other sharp vegetable. Sometimes it is a peppered flavor on the meat, but here I couldn't really taste any flavor from the meat. All I tasted was the sweet spicy sauce... umm no thanks.

All in all, I am sorry to say but I wished I could have bought from Yi Mei. I don't care if they were shut down by the Health Department and Yung Ho has an A rating. This might sound gross that I prefer a dirty place to this, but lets be honest... most places in SGV/MP is pretty dirty behind the scenes... maybe you don't see it or choose to ignore it lol. After Yi Mei opens back up, I will probably go back. I am grossed out by the sign I saw today but it is much better than Yung Ho and really hits the spot! O=9

Yung Ho
533 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 570-0860
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Anonymous said...

I guess this one was not the best; hope your favorite place gets cleaned up and opened up.

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